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Becker BK2 Companion Survival Knife

I get asked often “If you could only take 1 knife, which would it be?”. The answer to me is simple. I choose the Becker BK2 Companion Survival Knife!

Becker BK2 Companion Survival Knife

There are a lot of knives out there, and I’ve owned or handled a lot of them. None of them hold a candle to the bang for your buck that you get from the Becker BK2 Companion Survival Knife!

The KA-BAR Becker BK2 Companion has an  overall length of ten and a half inches. It is a serious hunk of metal at 1/4″ thick, but is still lightweight. The blade is five and a half inches long and is made of durable, 1095 cro-van steel. This knife features the drop point blade shape and a versatile 20-degree blade angle.

Kabar Becker BK2 Companion Survival KnifeI don’t feel I’ve given enough attention to the thickness of this blade. This sucker is thick, it’s thicker than my pry bar that I use in my work shop. It’s a full 1/4″ thick!

This blade is at home batoning wood, splitting kindling, slicing your veggies for dinner or skinning your game.

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Companion survival knife includes a glass-filled nylon sheath to keep the blade safe and sharp. It’s also Made in the USA!

I’ve worked the Becker BK2 Companion so hard but all I’ve had to do is sharpen it a few times, and I do put some oil on the blade when I get back from outings.

I have beat this knife. I have pried things open with it. I have batoned down trees and cut firewood with it. I have thrown it. I’ve cut my dinner with it, and actually ate with it (I had forgotten my Columbia River Spork on that trip)., I’ve even lashed it to a stick and made a spear. The only wear I see is a few minor nicks in the handle (totally my fault) and I managed to wear some of the black coating off the blade.

This was all done with my grabbing my Bug Out Bag and driving to the forest for a cold, rainy weekend, so when I say that If I could only take 1 knife,  I choose the Becker BK2 Companion Survival Knife, I’ve actually tested that theory. If I write about it, I’ve done it (except eating game from the mousetrap).


  1. Question:
    How about japanese Knifes? Are there any, which are good for survival?

    I am writing a blog about popular Knifes for Kitchen (in germany).
    here are still some people interested in survival knifes, but not sooo many 🙁

    there are a few problems because the law in germany doesn’t allowed to have a knife, which hast a longer knife blade then your own palm. In case police is stoping you and will find a knife like this, it will be a violation against the law

    best regards from germany!

  2. Hey, good text. Friend of mine got his BK2 yesterday and he’s also pretty happy about it. But are there any other ways to get it then Amazon? Cause i can’t find it on Ebay..


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