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2 Easy Methods to EDC Paracord

You should always have some cordage with you. Here are 2 Easy Methods to EDC Paracord! It’s tough, durable, versatile and can save your life in the right circumstances.

2 Easy Methods to EDC Paracord!

How many times have you been in a situation and wished you had some rope or other cordage? Paracord 550

Here are 2 Easy Methods to EDC paracord, so you can always have some handy, in case you need it!


Replace the shoelaces on your shoes and boots with it. It is much stronger than shoelaces which makes it unlikely to break on you. This should give you about 3 feet of useable cordage on each foot for shoes, and up to 6′ if you wear boots!

paracord shoelaces

After trimming the paracord, melt the ends of the to keep it from unraveling, then about an inch of shrink tubing to each end to act as aglets.

shrink tube aglets on paracord laces

Paracord Bracelets:

 Paracord bracelets are an easy way carry extra paracord. You can carry even more if you clip a bracelet to the handle of your purse, briefcase, backpack or laptop case  keep one hanging from the rear view mirror your vehicle.

paracord bracelet

These are 2 Easy Methods to EDC Paracord. Imagine all the other ways that you can dream up to keep some paracord close at hand too!


  1. You can use 550 paracord in a lot of ways. It can be used for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. It can also be used as a belt, a dog’s collar and even a bottle holder, therefore one can never go wrong with owning a paracord.

  2. I absolutely love paracord. I almost always have some on me.
    But don’t use the cobra stitch like the one he has in the picture. They don’t have that much cord.
    I wear a pair of homemade weaves. One is desert camo and the other is OD green with a piece of black paracord I weaved into it so it looks more like decoration. They each have at least 35 feet in them, and unlike the cobra stitch, you don’t need to completely unravel it for a decent amount of cord.


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