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The Top Five Most Effective Self Defense Tools

Protecting yourself is more important than ever. Police budgets have been drastically cut due to financial strains over the last few years, resulting in a crippling loss of resources and personnel in dozens of cities across the U.S. With fewer law enforcement officers on the streets, many of these cities, including Chicago, Sacramento and New York City, have witnessed a subsequent rise in both violent and nonviolent crimes. Thankfully, there are many self-defense products on the market that allow you to effectively fend off attackers on your own.

The Top Five Most Effective Self-Defense Tools

  • Pepper Sprays are a very popular choice for self-defense, and for good reason. When sprayed, your would-be attacker immediately experiences pain, temporary blindness, a runny nose and difficulty breathing. One of the benefits of arming yourself with pepper spray is its range – most canisters are effective up to 10 feet away, and some long-distance formulas even reach up to 20 feet. Pepper spray is also easy-to-carry, and can even be cleverly concealed for a surprise act of defense against an assailant.
  • Stun Guns are also very effective and affordable self-defense tools. With most stun guns, all it takes is a few seconds of contact to cause total disorientation and complete lack of muscle control. Best of all, one peek at your stun gun’s vicious sparks may be enough to stop an attacker in his tracks. Many stun guns are also compact enough to be disguised as a regular cell phone or carried on a keychain, despite packing as much as five million volts of stopping power.
  • Kubotans may look unassuming, but each can pack a powerful blow to an attacker when used properly. Often attached to a keychain, these batons come in varying lengths and forms, but each can cause great pain in an individual, especially when aimed at specific areas of the body, such as the forearms, spine, neck and eyes. Carry one with a secret pepper spray blast for double the self-defense.
  • Strike Enhancers are small, but powerful weapons placed between your knuckles to maximize the impact of your punch. Whenever you feel vulnerable to crime, just slip your strike enhancer between your fingers to deliver a sharp blow to any unwelcome attacks. This initial strike will debilitate your attacker long enough to allow you a chance to run to safety. Strike enhancers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and some have even been proven effective by law enforcement agencies.
  • Panic Alarms are a great self-defense solution for those who want to feel protected, but wish to avoid confrontation with an attacker at all costs. These compact alarms deter aggressors from a distance by emitting a piercing, high-decibel noise when activated. As the alarm sounds, others in the area will know you are in distress and your attacker is likely to run off from fear of being caught. Many are also multi-functional, incorporating useful flashlights or weapons into the device.

Even as crime rates rise in cities across the country, you can ensure your own protection with these self-defense tools. Carrying any of these affordable, effective, and easy-to-use products will lend you much-needed peace of mind and may possibly even save your life. Don’t be a victim – find the one that’s right for you today.

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