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The maiden voyage of the new Fire Pit

My new fire pit arrived yesterday, and I took it out for it’s maiden voyage.

The maiden voyage of the new Fire Pit

My new Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit finally arrived and I was super excited to fire it up (pun pun pun).

The Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit is a folding design. It comes with a cooking grate, a “lid”, a carry case and a few tools like a lid lifter and cooking grate handles. I like the fact that I can fold this up and toss in the case and take it with us camping or when we travel.

I called together my family and let them know my plan. I, Dad, was going to go outside and apply steel to flint and create fire. Then once I had succeeded in conquering fire and the very essence of nature itself, we would roast marshmallows and make smores!

I was too lazy to walk down the hill and grab some cattails to use for tinder, instead I ran and grabbed my fire steel, some shredded paper and a wad of dryer lint and headed outdoors.firepit2

With some help from my wife I gathered some sticks and twigs, and cut a few small logs from a fallen tree. Then I sparked the fire steel over the dryer lint and I was in business.

Man make fire UGH!

Here I was feeling so outdoorsy. Sure I didn’t use primitive methods, like rubbing sticks together (that’s coming, I promise), but I could see the looks of amazement and adoration on my daughter’s faces. I was a freaking hero!

Now the icing on the cake, time for SMORES!


That’s when my wife informed me that we only had miniature marshmallows. Bad Dad!

firepit 07082013-1So much for preparedness…


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