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Storing Dairy Products

When planning your food storage needs, dairy is one type of food that we all struggle with. Luckily today, there are very good methods for storing dairy products!

Storing Dairy Products

When planning your food storage needs, dairy is one item that you may be struggling with. For most people, dairy is a regular part of the daily diet and is delicious. What kind of a life will it be without cheese or butter?

How can you safely store milk and cheese?

There are options that will keep you and your family stocked up with dairy products.

Dairy Options

Dried dairy products, that actually taste good, are available.

There are dried cheese products that can be sprinkled on foods or added to recipes as is, or  just add a little water and you have a gooey melted cheese ready to eat. These dried dairy products are also available as sour cream, cheese sauce and butter.

You can find a number of different sizes available for purchase. A 10-pound can holds about a gallon of product or about 80 servings.

Pasteurized, shelf-stable cheese products are also available, but not all dairy substitutes are created equal. In this case, it seems that the dried product is much tastier and healthier than its counterpart.

Parmesan cheese is also pretty easy to store. Keep in mind it is only good for about six months.

Reading Labels

You need to read the labels on any food you are planning to purchase.

There is a difference in milk substitutes. “Instant milk” is not the same as whole powdered milk. You want the latter, but it’s probably not available at your local grocery store. Whole powdered milk is readily available online.

While shopping, keep your eyes open for the words, “milk alternative.”  Instant milk is readily available, but it is no equal to whole powdered milk in nutritional value nor in taste. One way to explain this counterfeit substance is to make the comparison of Tang and orange juice. They may be similar in some ways, but they just aren’t the same.

With some planning, and shopping, you can succeed in having a well stocked and nutritionally well-balanced dairy storage that does not require freezing or refrigeration.

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