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    • If you get into situations where you NEED to be “a super tactical, special forces Rambo warrior” you’re stupid enough to qualify for being Naturally UNselected. From lions to cockroaches the evolutionary lesson is: ‘NEVER give a mug an even break’. Rambo would’ve lasted about 5 minutes if he’d pissed me off: I’d have laid doggo and then removed his head from 500 metres away, from behind, without warning.

  1. TacBuddy (.com).

    Convenient, comfortable, all occasion, all weather, versatile and always is where you need it. No carrying backpacks or retrieving something from the trunk. If they had TacBuddy in Las Vegas (active shooter), lives would have been saved.
    First ever IFAK-magazine pouch combo. However, you use it how you need it. All medical or to 2x / 3x your EDC.
    Faster than 911. Faster than the good guys can save you.
    Save yourself. TacBuddy.

  2. Hi, I’m reworking my BOB and was excited to find all the lists here but it turns out a lot of the items are no longer available. I can easily use the links as a starting point, I just wanted to make sure the site is still active. Thanks!


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