Primitive skills

Do you possess primitive skills? Everyone should have some level of primitive skill or manual skills to fall back on.

Primitive skills (Manual Skills)

I believe everyone should have primitive skills or a manual skill to fall back on.

If society collapses and we lose grid provided utilities, I’m not so sure that there will be too many firewalls or network devices for me to configure and maintain. If that was the only skill I knew, I’d be in pretty big trouble.

What will I do if my job becomes useless? Anything I can. I will hunt and trap then sell the meat, bones and furs. I’ll forage and cook. I will fall back on my former life of carpentry.  I will find some service that I can barter to others to gain the resources or services that my family will need to get by.

What about you? Do you have primitive skills? Can you knapp flint into edged scrapers, arrowheads or ax heads? Can you weave baskets or mats? Can you shoe a horse? Can you carve useful implements from wood? Can you smelt metal or run a forge? Can you pound steel into shape? Can you lash a rock to a stick creating a primitive hammer?

What will you do to earn income or to barter with? What potential primitive skills or fall-back skills do you have or can you develop? If you have no primitive skills at least buy a couple books to learn some to fall back on.