Preparedness Library

prepper libraryThis is the place to list the books, that I find most helpful on this journey to preparedness and self sufficiency.

Some of these books have free eBook downloads, and where legal, I have listed that option. I would like to add that any book on preparedness, survival, medicine, first aid, or food foraging would be much more valuable if you had the physical copy, in addition to the digital copy.

Note: If you want to download and read the Kindle versions of these books, you have 3 choices

  1. Buy a Kindle – They are awesome, and have super long battery life. How else can you carry an entire library in your backpack or pocket?
  2. Use the Free Kindle app for your tablet or smartphone. (Android, IOS)
  3. Use Free Kindle Cloud reader, on your computer, in your web browser.


Preparedness Library

 Preparedness and Survival

Foraging and Wild Edibles

Home Defense, Self Defense & Tactical

Medical and First Aid

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