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Night Vision: Surviving After the Sun Goes Down

Are you ready for how the world really looks when the sun goes down?

Night Vision: Surviving After the Sun Goes Down

True life or death survival situations are quite a scary thing. Though most outdoorsmen have had some survival training, or at least some great instincts, there is one major factor that all the televisions shows and movies never portray; and that is what the world really looks like when the sun goes down.

Fortunately there is a simple answer, if unconventional answer: night vision.

Let’s say for example, that you are about to embark on a hiking trip, and even though you are exceedingly careful and always well-prepared, the unexpected can and does happen. Whether it is disorientation, an injury preventing you from moving as quickly, or anything that leaves you mentally or physically incapacitated, you will need to find a way to survive in the outdoors. In such a circumstance, darkness will only be an additional mitigating factor adding to your already stressful dilemma.

As most survivalists know, wandering about in complete darkness can present difficult challenges when attempting to find water, heat, and shelter. However, unless there is a very bright moon out, humans cannot see particularly well in the dark. Our eyes are simply not designed for low-light exposures.
So to increase of survivability for all hikers, campers, and anyone who could potentially be ‘lost in the woods’ so to speak, it is recommended that some sort of night vision equipment be included in the packing list of supplies to bring.

Night vision technology has come a long way in terms of development and usability. In recent years, night vision goggles have become more reasonably priced. Having a pair around can be incredibly useful during those outdoor excursions when darkness, as well as possible uncertainty, set in.

With a decent set of night vision goggles, finding appropriate shelter and flammable materials can be accomplished with ease. For the skeptics out there, unlike the sets that are portrayed in pop culture, night vision has become so small and efficient that even an average set is no bigger than your average pair of binoculars. And aside from water, a utility knife, and matches, a night vision device will probably be your most valuable and indispensable tool needed for survival situations in the cold of the night.

Craig Pearson is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and adventurist. His main passions are hog hunting in Texas and writing about his many adventures. He currently blogs for nightvision4less.com, a supplier of high quality night vision equipment.



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