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Choose the Best Night Vision Rifle Scope for Your Needs

In a grid down situation, Night can be a game changer. I decided that Night is likely the time when the “rabbits” will make their moves on my “garden”. 

We both know I’m talking about bad people, in a post SHTF scenario, coming to take your provisions or to do harm to you and yours! How can we utilize our weapon systems if we can’t see the threat? We need to see, we need a night vision rifle scope.

Night Vision Rifle Scope

In any situation the ability to see at night should be a high priority! I have the rifle, now I just need a solid and reliable night vision rifle scope.

I did my research, then decided that the top 3 requirements for a survival optic should be:

  • Functionality
  • Common Battery type
  • Price


You need to be able to see at night.  You probably would not need the cutting edge night vision technology. Gen 1, 1.5 or 2 should be fine.

Common Battery Type

Most of the current night vision optics use the CR123A batteries, but we need to find that that can use a commonly used battery. Is there one that can use AA batteries?


This needs to be a reasonable price. You shouldn’t have to sell any kidneys or your children to buy this night vision rifle scope. Let’s keep it under $500…way under!

The Rifle Optic

There is one optic that fits our requirements, the Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope!

  • It was a night vision optic that will mount to a rifle
  • It was under $500 (yay)
  • It uses AA batteries!


  • 1.5X magnification
  • 42-millimeter lens diameter
  • 20-degree field of view
  • 32-36 lp/mm resolution
  • Seven yards to infinity focus range
  • 45-millimeter eye relief
  • +/-4 diopter adjustment
  • Up to 200-yard detection distance
  • 100-yard infrared illuminator distance
  • 1/2 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustment
  • Runs on two AA batteries for up to 50 hours
  • -22-to-122-degree operating temperature
  • Measures 3.1 by 3.3 by 8.6 inches (W x H x D)
  • 30-ounce weight
  • Lightweight, durable titanium body
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Adjustable lit red-on-green reticle
  • Standard weaver MIL-STD-1913 rail mount system
  • Precision windage and elevation adjustment (1cl = 20mm / 100m)
  • On/off remount control
  • Built-in powerful Pulse IR system infrared illuminator
  • Flip-up objective lens cover
  • Optional accessories provide high fidelity photo and video recording
  • Water intrusion meets IPX5 rating


Acquisition of Optic

I ordered it, then stood eagerly at the mailbox, tapping my foot until it arrived. OK, that’s just not true, I hung out, watched TV and went to work, then 2 days later UPS dropped it off, thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

Playing… I mean “Testing”

On the first night of testing, I took this out, unmounted (ie: not mounted to a rifle, using it  as a monocular), and used to to scan my surroundings in my dark dark back yard.

Stock photo from ad, different deer!

Even before I activated the IR illuminator  I could easily make out the details and leaves on the trees, 30 yards from me. This assures me that this night vision rifle scope does a great job amplifying the  natural ambient IR light.

While I was sweeping back and forth along the treeline, I was amazed to spy a sneaky, silent deer grazing. Why that sneaky, no good rascal… What did he think he was up to? This is when I decided to flip on the IR beam.

Holy Cow, it lit that deer up, like I was using a spotlight, an invisible spotlight, that only I could see! He had no idea but I could see every detail on him. The IR beam, while not always needed, can supply plenty of IR light to compensate for low ambient IR light conditions or indoors.

EDIT: I’ve been using this rifle scope for over 2 years now, and I think it’s one of my wisest purchases, for preparedness, to date!

The Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope seems like a perfect choice, for the budget conscious prepper or night time paint-ball tactician. The ability to leverage your weapon system of choice in complete darkness will be a monumental advantage over the standard-grade post-SHTF bad guy!