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Knot Tying Game for the Family

If your like me, you want your kids to have some outdoors skills or skills to prepare them for life. How about a game that teaches them some handy skills, like knot tying?

Knot Tying Game for the Whole Family

It’s hard to get kids interested, in things that you’d like them to learn. While trying to find a way to trick… I mean “teach“, my kids how to tie knots, I stumbled across this knot tying game. ThinkFun Knot So Fast is a family game but I it’s targeted more towards kids. We love it and it really is fun for everyone in the family.

Imagine playing a game with your children that actually teaches them to tie knots. The good thing is, while you’re spending quality time with you kids,and having fun, they are learning and you are brushing up on your knot tying abilities also. Knot So Fast covers all aspects of knot tying and includes the most common and handy knots.

ThinkFun Knot So Fast

This  game tests who can tie a series of knots the fastest. Be the first player or team to finish tying the knot shown on one of 40 challenge cards, call out “Knot So Fast.”, then move the Tug-O-War Rope one notch forward. When the Tug-O-War Rope slides all the way to one side, that player or team wins. While knot tying is a great skill to master at any age, it especially helps spatial development and manual dexterity in younger players. Play solo and practice for the next head-to-head match up. Ages 8 to adult.

  • A knot tying race game
  • 40 challenges
  • Tug-o-war card holder/score keeper
  • 4 color ropes and 2 rings
  • Learning skills: Teamwork, spatial reasoning and dexterity

ThinkFun Knot So Fast really is a great game. You’ll have hours of fun and your kids will never realize that this is a learning activity.

They’re never to young to start learning these skills.

Another great companion to Knot So Fast, that can help teach the essentials of knot tying, is a fun book, The Klutz Book of Knots.


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