Home Gear Is a Kelly Kettle or Solo Stove right for you?

Is a Kelly Kettle or Solo Stove right for you?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on a camp stove, just by looking at ads. I wanted to give you some size references and background to help you choose.

Is a Kelly Kettle or Solo Stove right for you?

You know it’s time to buy a camp stove; but which one? How big are they in real life? How much space will they take up?

These are all good questions.

I’ve decided to make a post that shows the Large Base Camp Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle, the Aluminum Trekker Kelly Kettle, a Solo Stove and a standard can side by side. This should give you some reference to determine which camp stove will suit you best.

Camp stoves typically unfold or expand for cooking. Here are the camp stoves, not ready to cook.

Kettles at Rest
The camp stoves as they look unpacked, but not ready to cook.

One you have added the cooking ring or the fire-base these stoves are a bit larger.

solo stove cooking rings and kelly kettle fire base attached
Now we’re read to cook, except that the corks are still in the Kelly Kettles.

Since the Kelly Kettles and Solo Stove are now in cooking mode (always remove plug/cork from the Kelly  Kettles before applying heat), you are ready to cook.

The Solo Stove is ready to place a pan, pot or metal cup on top for cooking. If you are tight on space, or you are an ultralight backpacker, the Solo Stove is awesome!

If you need more cooking gear that will next with your Solo Stove, you can find the Solo Stove & Solo Pot 900 combo online. I don’t have the combo yet, but as soon as I do I’ll update this post with more pictures.

I love my Solo Stove and use it all the time. You can see my review on the Solo Stove at https://www.geek-prepper.com/solo-stove-review/

The Kelly Kettles are ready to fill with water so you can rapidly boil water for drinks, dehydrated meals or freeze dried meals.

Kelly Kettle Cook Set
Kelly Kettle, Pot Support and Pan (pot holder, pan lid and fire base grill not shown)

Another nice thing about the Kelly Kettles is, you can buy a cook set that nests inside the kettle itself. There is a cook set for all sizes of the Kelly Kettle, but I only show the cook set for the Base Camp Kelly Kettle.

This cook set allows you to cook while water is heating inside the Kettle itself. Nice!

Base Camp Kelly Kettle with cook set
You can heat water in the kettle while cooking food on top!

What do you do if your water is boiling and you still need to cook your food, in the Kelly Cook Set pan?

You add the cooking grate to the fire base, where the hot coals are.

kelly kettle fire base with grill
The fire base can be a tiny grill or cook stove

You can use the pot holding “pliers” to put your cooking pan right on the fire base grill.

Ready to cook on the kelly kettle fire base
Use the included “pot grip” to put the pan of cooking food on the grill.

When you’re done cooking,and finish the dishes, you stow the entire cook set (and a spork or flatware) inside the Kelly Kettle itself!

Kelly Kettle Cook Set Stowed
The Base Camp Kelly Kettle with Cook Set stowed away.

There is much more information on the Kelly Kettle, cooking on it and the technology behind it at: Camp Cooking with the Kelly Kettle

Is a Kelly Kettle or Solo Stove right for you? How do you choose between 2 awesome camp stoves? Do you go with the Solo Stove, or the Kelly Kettle?

Neither stove is better than the other. It all comes down to space available and your needs.

I like the light weight and simplicity of the Solo Stove. I really love the ability to heat water in the Kelly Kettle while cooking food at the same time. Therefore I have both styles…

I guess I just couldn’t choose 😉


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