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Homemade fire starters

You probably have all the ingredients to make homemade fire starters: egg cartons, dryer lint, and wax. Let’s do this!


Homemade fire starters

Sometimes you need some tinder or other fire starters to get that fire going. Here is a method to make some DIY fire starters.

Quick and easy homemade fire starters:

Ingredients needed

  • egg carton
  • a couple of old jar candles, you know the ones with a tiny bit of wax in the bottom but no wick. Feel free to use other sources of wax also.
  • dryer lint
  • Gloves or fancy oven mitts with good grip

The Procedure

  1. Stuff a bunch of dryer lint into each egg-cup.
  2. Use a double-boiler to melt the candle wax (I tossed the jar candles into an oven heated to 230F – probably not the safest way to do it )
  3. If you have additional stubby candles or wax, GENTLY add them to your melting wax collection.
  4. Gently poured the wax over the lint. Gently pouring the wax is key, you don’t want to splash and get burned or ruin your wife’s counter tops! You will want to ensure that you have a protective surface under your cartons, as the paper/cardboard cartons will allow some wax to leak through them.


Once you are finished you should have some really ugly, gross-looking fire starters.


These things can burn for 13-15 minutes. That’s how long I timed them before I got bored and wandered off!