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Go For the Eyes

Self defense is key to surviving an attack. Are you ready to go for the eyes to stop an assault on you or your loved ones?

Go For the Eyes

These days one can never fully judge the actions of a potential attacker.

Is this just a robbery and then they’ll leave you in peace?

Is this a rape?

Is this someone who is going to kill you?


Regardless of the intent, you have 2 very clear choices in any confrontation:

  1. Let the attacker impose their will on you.
  2. Give the attacker something unexpected to deal with.

The key to any assault or counter assault (self defense) is

  • Surprise
  • Speed
  • Violence

We’ve all heard the story about the little old lady who became a shrieking and purse swinging mad-woman, fighting off a villain….

If your life is in danger, this is what you must become!

Most predators prefer easy pickings, so if you embrace your inner insane animal side, you’ve just made yourself a very loud, and unexpected variable.

Scenario #1

You’re in a restaurant, eating with your family, when a drunk troublemaker targets your family. You’ve already tried to talk him down, but things keep escalating.

You need a distraction to get your family out of there. You have a table full of food and drinks before you. What do you do?

Go for the eyes! Humans with stuff in their eyes, are at a serious disadvantage.

Blinding an assailant might be as simple as pouring the salt or pepper shaker’s contents into your hand, then tossing it into his/her eyes.

Table Weapons:

  • Salt
  • Pepper

If this was an attacker with more serious intentions, you might be justified to take more serious actions after blinding them (hitting them with a chair, wine bottle, etc), but the best and safest bet is to get out the situation and call for some help.

Other Eye irritant options:

  • Baby Powder or Face Powder
  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Flour, sugar, etc
  • Contents of an Ash Tray
  • Hot Coffee
  • Contents of a spray bottle (insect killer, perfume, fire extinguisher, hair spray, etc)

Scenario #2

You are walking down a deserted sidewalk, sipping on your delicious cup of coffee. A bad guy begins his assault on you.

Do you:

  1. Go for your weapon in your purse or grab your pocket knife?
  2. Fill the attackers face with a nice cup full of hot coffee?

The right answer is to start with the most readily accessible tool for the job. An item in your hand is ready to deploy now!

The coffee is in your hand, so toss it in his face while giving the cup a nice squeeze to help propel the scalding hot liquid. Run away screaming for help, or grab another weapon and proceed to phase 2.

Obviously the best choice is to flee, but in some situations you may not have a choice, but to incapacitate your opponent.

No matter how large the opponent, they’ll need their eyes to assault you. Everyone has eyes and they are a weak spot, that we rely very heavily on. No one has eyes, that are immune to a irritants, but use caution if the opponent has glasses, goggles or any type of eye protection.

Remember you can totally screw up an opponents plan when you go for the eyes. Now his eyes are burning, he has stuff in his eyes, he can’t see. He has been taken instantly, from being on the offensive to being on defense, and that takes him out of his comfort zone, and forces him to quickly reconsider his plan and his prey!


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