Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch oven cooking is versatile and allows you some flexible cooking options when the grid is down, when cooking on a campfire or with charcoal.

Dutch Oven Cooking

We tend to limit ourselves when cooking outdoors, but the dutch oven was designed to give you baked goods in this very type of situation.

I knew some tricks for dutch oven cooking, like putting lunch in a dutch oven, then sticking it in the ground under the spot where you’re planning to build your breakfast fire. That way you can cook your breakfast and lunch is cooking right up till lunch time. I stumbled across a Food Network episode of Good Eats called “Going Dutch“, that gave me even more ideas for dutch oven cooking.


If you are interested in the recipes for the Knead Not Sourdough, Dutch Oven Cherry Clafouti or the Dutch Oven Hoecakes, they are all listed on the Good Eats episode page for “Going Dutch“.

My next camping trip, I may avoid the survival foods and do some good old fashioned dutch oven cooking. Now I have to buy myself a dutch oven or two and a dutch oven cookbook to find even more inspiration!


  1. ….and he ‘quotes’ Alton Brown! 😀

    I ♥ my dutch oven and can’t wait til we get our campfire ring built to begin cooking outdoors to learn. The oven is one thing…but over campfire is another! Thanks for the great links!


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