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Building Up your Food Storage

You’ve made your food storage ingredient list and are ready to begin shopping. Food isn’t getting any cheaper, so the time to start building up your food storage is now.

Building Up your Food Storage

You have your food storage ingredient list and are ready to begin shopping. You are looking around your home making a list of item that you can sell or calling the  bank for a loan to fund this food storage shopping spree.


You don’t have to buy everything today. Your food storage plan can be implemented over time. We’re aware that food isn’t getting any cheaper, so the time to start is now, but that doesn’t mean you buy three-months worth of food today, tomorrow or even next week. Take your time to build up a good food storage inventory.

Don’t scoop up anything and everything you have put on your list. Slow down, use strategy and carefully plan your next move.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Buy in bulk, when you can and only when it makes sense. Do not be fooled and assume that buying in bulk is always cheaper. Some times it’s not. Make sure you can use that giant can or container of food, that you are considering purchasing, before it goes bad.
  • When possible, buy in bulk and split the canning duties with a friend and swap at the end of the season. It is a lot easier to can a lot of one item rather than trying to can several different items.
  • Plant a garden if possible. If you don’t have the land, look into community gardens or see if you can use land from a neighbor or friend. Be prepared to cut them in on some of the harvest for the use of their land.
  • Farmer’s markets are great places to network. You may be able to get produce for canning at really low prices.
  • During your regular grocery shopping trips, add a couple of extra items that will be placed in your storage. Spending an extra couple of dollars today, can save you $10, or more, down the road. Instead of one can of beans, buy two and so on.
  • Search for local canneries or Amish food stores. You would be amazed at how cheap the goods are.
  • Search the internet for great deals on dried or dehydrated foods, if you plan on storing those. Many products tend to be cheaper online.
  • Be on the lookout for some of the big ticket items you may want to go on sale. Grain mills are great to have, but can be pricey.

Ease food storage items into your budget. Setting aside as little as $15 a month can help you build up a nice supply. Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to take advantage of any fabulous deals that comes your way.

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  1. Start buying/storing NOW asmuch as you can store, as much as you can afford!!! Time is getting short folks.
    Not one reason can I think of that you should be cautious about this matter–I have years of food because I started in 2008.
    Get going!!!

  2. I have taken the slow and steady method. A littler here and a little there has added up over time. Now I am in rotation mode, where I replace older items and those older items are either donated to my church pantry or we consume them.


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