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Water after SHTF

How will you obtain Water in after SHTF?

Water after SHTF

Do you have a method to boil water without using electricity or natural gas?
Do you have water purification tablets?
Do you have a .02 micron water filter?
Do you have a well? If so how will you get the water without electricity?
Where will you find water?

Water Considerations

  • You can boil water over a camp fire. With a Kelly Kettle you can boil 1 to 6.3 cups of water, at a time, pretty rapidly (depending on the size and model of the Kelly Kettle you have).
  • Water purification tablets are handy, but you can use standard unscented bleach – 2 drops per quart will work for clear water.
  • Get a .02 micron filter , like the Big Berkey. If you can’t afford a Big Berkey, look at this post: DIY Home Water Filter
  • Do you have access to a well? If you do, get a hand pump or “well bucket”
  • Are there any natural springs near you?

Plan ahead and scout out some locations, where you can find water. Arial maps and satellite images, like those in Google maps, can help you to find accessible water after SHTF. You need to do this research now, while you have access to these resources.



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