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Survival Training for Children

Survival training shouldn’t be reserved solely for adults. Consider adding some outdoor and survival training for children to your regimen.

Survival Training for Kids

Children, who are thrust into emergency or survival situations, usually rely on the adults to guide them and provide for them. However, children should be considered key players in survival and need to be exposed to outdoors, emergency, and survival training.

Children will take their cues from you. They may not know there is a danger, but if you are stressed or worried, they will sense it. This is why you need to keep a cool head, and remain calm and in control.Survival Training for Kids

Research reveals that adults will sacrifice themselves, in an effort to keep their loved ones alive. This is a noble gesture but this can ultimately end up hurting them, especially if they are not schooled in survival.

Who will harvest food for them? Who will build fires and shelters for them? Who will provide them with first aid treatment?

When in an emergency or survival situation, it is extremely easy to put the kids first, but you cannot neglect your own needs. Failure to take care of yourself may result in the children having to fend for themselves.

You have to keep yourself alive and healthy so you can continue to protect and provide for your family.

It is important to get your children started in survival training as young as possible. If you have already missed the window, don’t worry, you can still give them plenty of training. It is an ongoing learning process.

When you are working with kids, it is important that you keep the learning fun. Take along snacks and drinks to keep them happy.

Children have the same needs as you or me: Personal Safety, Shelter, Water and Food.

Personal safety can be tricky. Kids generally aren’t as wise as adults and lack the real world experience that age brings. This means that they may not immediately recognize danger, in their environment. If you role play and practice different scenarios, they will quickly learn the proper responses and actions to keep themselves safe.

Recommended Survival Training for Children:

  • Emergency contact procedures – know family phone numbers, how to call 911 and present relevant valid facts and addresses
  • Signalling for help in an emergency – whistle, signal mirror, etc
  • First Aid, including CPR, Choking and burn treatment
  • Shelter building
  • Fire building and Fire Safety
  • Outdoor food preparation and cooking, knife safety
  • Water purification
  • Water Safety – Swimming, rescue and safety
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Self Defense (karate, boxing, shooting, gun safety, awareness, stranger danger)
  • Navigation – Use a compass, know which direction the sun rises and sets, how to determine direction


You want them to be comfortable so they will be more open to the training. As time goes on, you should slowly remove some of the perks, so they can become accustomed to conditions similar to those that they may encounter in an actual survival situation.

Take it slow and they will still think its fun. Remember to keep a close eye on them, as they may not recognize dangers in the wild, for what they truly are.Survival Training for Kids

Give your children an advantage and start training them early.



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