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Solar Power “Generator”

I’m always on the look out for alternate ways to provide power to my technical gadgets. I really want to take my solar power generation to the next level, but if I have to bug out I’ll have to leave it all behind….or will I?


Solar Power “Generator”

While searching Amazon.com for Solar power, when I came across the Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500. This thing looks like a portable solar power generator and is portable. Portable if I toss it in the truck, but still portable!

Portable solar units are small but don’t output enough juice to run appliances (typically). Large solar implementations are designed to be stationary.

This is the best of both worlds. It’s about the size of a typical gasoline powered generator, has a built in charge controller, batteries and a 1500 Watt AC inverter, that can surge up to 3600 watts peak. That’s no small feat. There are gasoline generators that don’t output that much power. You can even add additional panels for faster and more efficient charging.

 Product Features

  • 5 solar panels (16 Watts each) unfold and slide out from the power cube
  • 1500 Watts AC inverter (3600 peak surge power): 2 AC outlets to power appliances such as radio, portable stereo, laptop computer, television, microwave, conventional refrigerator/freezer
  • 2 USB power ports (5 Volts 2.1 ampere total) to charge/operate iPad/tablet, Kindle/e-reader, MP3 player, cell phone, laptop, etc. plus 2 DC 12 Volt outlets
  • Includes AC and DC adapters to recharge its 55 AH AGM/gel hybrid battery
  • Does not require any extra assembly; this all in one ready to use solar cube is ready to use out of the package, plus it can be expanded with additional solar panels and/or batteries if more power is required in the future

I think the Geek Prepper needs to get one of these ASAP!

Read more about the Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 at Amazon.com


  1. Are you the one selling this on Amazon?

    It’s purely a rip off. For $1000 you can build a few of these units and hand them out to your family.

  2. It’s funny because I just picked up a catalog from Northern Tool, and in it, they had all sorts of solar panels, inverters, etc needed to build a much more powerful rig for electrical operations.

    As a ham, you know the importance of having the ability to run your rigs “off grid”, and that should be some thing you already can do.

    I love new gadgets, and it’s neat to see other products out there, but I am all about building it myself if it means I can save money in the process for other “projects”.



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