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Security Cameras to Monitor your Perimeter

With home invasions and crime on the rise, it might be a wise decision to use security cameras to monitor your perimeter.

Security Cameras to Monitor your Perimeter

Times have changed. There was a time when you could leave your doors unlocked and your windows open. Sadly those times seem to be gone.

I’ve posted before about monitoring your perimeter with Wireless Network Cameras and driveway alarms, but I’ve decided to step up my game. I finally purchased and installed some all weather, outdoor, wired cameras, with night vision. These allow me to get a better 360° view of my property and maintain it 24×7.

I purchased the NightOwl STA-88 after reading many reviews and ensuring that it met my requirements.



  • Minimum of 8 cameras
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Night Vision
  • Network accessible
  • Mobile support
  • Easy to setup
  • Technical Support in case things went awry

The NightOwl STA-88 had everything I wanted. Setup was very simple, due to the online and included documentation. I also called technical support a few times just to talk nerdy with them to find out what this baby could really do.

I have the DVR connected to a spare computer monitor in my office, but it also has a connection output to a television (it can do both at once if needed).

NightOwl also has a free mobile app called Night Owl Lite, which works for Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones, iPads, and IOS devices. This app is great, but only shows you 4 cameras at a time. I can scroll to the the other 4 cameras, but I am lazy. Since I wanted to see all 8 cameras at once I installed IP Cam Viewer Pro (there is a free version, but I wanted it all!).


nightowl lite ip cam viewer
 Night Owl LiteIP Cam Viewer Pro


What if I’m not in front of the console?  How would I monitor my cameras unless I was sitting in my office all day?

I’ve tested a few solutions to make this a non-issue

  1. I installed IP Cam Viewer Pro on a my 2 Dragon Touch Dual Core Android Tablets ($69 each) and have one in the Master Bedroom and 1 in the family room. This not only allows me to see what’s going on, but I can pick up the tablet, unplug it from power and carry it with me. I also have it on my phone and my wife’s phone so we can see what’s going on while we are out on the town, traveling or shopping.
    EDIT: I replaced the Dragon Touch Dual Core Android Tablets with a couple Nexus 7 Tablets. I didn’t have any trouble with the Dragon Touch Tablets, but they felt kind of cheap to me, and I already own 3 other Nexus 7s, (our children use them for homeschool) and they are solid and reliable.
  2. Beam the output, wirelessly to my other TVs in the house. (I chose 5.8GHz transmitters to avoid interference with my wireless internet). This worked out well, especially in the master bedroom. If I heard a noise, flip on the TV and choose the proper input for instant awareness.

Even if I do miss something, I have the DVR set to be constantly recording (You can set it to trigger alerts, send you an email and start recording on motion detection too), so I can always look at the recorded videos to quickly track down an event, if needed.

Having these cameras give us a piece of mind and a constant awareness of what’s going on outside our home. We are able to see someone at any of our entrances and also can see and monitor our vehicles. You really need to consider Security Cameras to Monitor your Perimeter.


  1. Good article. I recently bought a similar system but haven’t set it up yet. I appreciate the tips on using the tablets and the wireless signal kit to send to multiple tvs. Great ideas thanks.


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