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Oil Lamps – Light for Grid Down

If the Grid goes down, many of us are prepared, or think we are. How will we light our way? How long will batteries last, even rechargeable batteries? How long will kerosene and propane be able to power our lanterns. Rust, breakage and entropy will take it’s toll. What then? A time tested, tried and true solution!

Oil Lamps – Light for Long Term Grid Down

You need to find a method to create light to see at night, regardless of the cost. You can plan to use batteries, propane and kerosene until they cease to exist, but after that you’ll need to leverage anything else that you can.

What is a good long term and sustainable method to light up your darkness?

Go old-school and use Oil Lamps. This will allow you to take advantage of used cooking oil or left over fats from cooking meats.

Copper-Finish Oil Lamps light

Fuel your oil lamp:

  1. Cook meat
  2. Drain off the fat and oils
  3. filter the fat and oils
  4. feed the lamp
  5. Add a wick – You can create wicks from any bit of fabric that you may find or scrounge.

Oil lamps were in use for thousands of years, so there is no doubt they can provide light for you and your descendants after SHTF!


  1. Just a voice of experience Here. Do not have your flame more the an inch (ppreferably between 1/4 and 1/2 inch) above the oil. The fats or oil do not wick up faster enough through the wick and you end up burning it. There is something in corn oil that clogs the wick and it doesn’t burn properly, so ddon’t use it. Olive oil works best and burns the brightest. I can read by that light. Fish oil stinks to high heaven.


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