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Keep Your Home Safe During an Economic Collapse

Let’s face it, the economy is headed for a collapse. With the bailouts back in 2008, the endless spending and corruption in nearly every government department, our country has gotten itself into some financial trouble. If the economy collapses, there will be widespread chaos and rioting across the U.S. and the entire world.

Keep Your Home Safe During an Economic Collapse

There are things you can do to make sure your home is protected against looters and criminals, looking for food or supplies. These simple things will help divert people to easier pickings,  which could end up being your neighbor, so consider sharing these tips with them as well.


Install some sort of surveillance system so you know when someone is approaching your house. Knowing that people may be watching should keep many people from trying to break in. This will depend on whether or not you still have electricity.

Driveway alarms are also good to have, because they act as an electronic tripwire, and should be easily converted to run off of a DC battery.

Board up your windows with plywood or cover them with chicken wire. This is one of the smartest things you can do. Obviously not right now, but at least have the plywood on hand. Consider spray painting messages on the outside that would scare people off. Things that let people know you’re armed and dangerous. More than anything you just want to block off all access to windows that someone has access to from the ground.

Arm yourself

Any gun will work, but there are some that are better for home defense. At close range, nothing is better than a shotgun. With a shotgun you don’t have to worry about being a perfect shot. Point the barrel in the person’s direction and you should hit them. If not, they won’t want to stick around for another shot!

Make sure you have a stockpile of ammunition as well. What happens if you run out of ammo though? Not a problem if you have a sword or knife. It may sound ridiculous but having a long sharp sword is your next best option when the ammunition supply runs dry.

Food and Water

Keep enough food storage to last you and your family for several months. Look for things that are both cheap and high in calories. Peanut butter is a great example. Along with food, you need water. Besides just storing water you should also get a water filter. You’d be surprised how much water you need on a daily basis, and you probably don’t even have room to store enough. Go out and pickup a small water filter, as well as some extra filters. You can find them for under $100 and they work great.

Having food storage is great but you need to make sure you store it in a safe location, a place where it can’t be damaged by flood waters or stolen by looters. Most people typically store it in their basement or cellar but that’s a big mistake unless your house is flood proof. Consider storing it as high up as you can and keep the door locked.

If you follow these simple tips you will be so much better off than the average person. You’ll have food, a safe home, and a way to protect it from the people that didn’t prepare.


  1. All the survival prep sites I subscibe to say the same thing at the end of their articles. We have to protect ourselves from some of our more violent neighbors. Yes, we are supposed to prepare for the sake of our families. No, we cannot allow someone to take from us forcibly our proper preparation. However, if a duly constituted authority needs and requests our preparation, WE WILL SHARE. My neighbors WILL NOT go hungry, without heat, without any resource. A mindset that does not share is a rotten one. If my neighbor starves, we will too. At least my family will die with a clear conscience and at one with the good laws of the universe as they were given by Father in Heaven. Don’t care what anyone else thinks about this. It will be what it will be.

    • I agree with you 100%. We can’t turn our back on our humanity or moral values. We must give when we can, and help others. This is why its important for us to think at a community level, then everyone can pull together to survive and make things work!

  2. This might sound bad but if they didn’t prepare than it serves them right. Granted, if I have anything to spare I’m more than willing to help people out. But if it comes down to feeding my family or the neighbors, I’m gonna be selfish and feed my family. I would like a situation where everyone pulls together, unfortunately things often go down differently than you’d expect. Humans get violent when resources are limited.

  3. Well said Debbra W an John B. You share your stuff with the unprepared as much as you can. That way you will help them live a little bit longer.

    Then you can all die together whilst wise people like Parker and myself continue to survive along with our families and friends who did prepare PROPERLY.

    And IF a duly constituted authority needs and requests our preparations they can have their REQUEST refused either with a shake of my head or a bullet to theirs.

    A mindset with a savior complex is a stupid one.

    • It’s not a “savior complex” at all, but a bit of charity, to help those who didn’t prepare exactly right, or perhaps lost their preps in any manner of ways.

      If you lost your preps in a raid, or a flash flood, you’ll be glad that someone was willing to give you a hand up, but not a hand out.

      • I used to be of the same thought as you, but I found it was always take on theirs, once I stopped they just moved on to someone else and again take on their part. Now my charity begins and ends with friends and family.

        I learnt the hard way that there are many people willing to take advantage including ‘friends’ who it transpired were anything but friends. It wasn’t charity on my part, but exploitation on theirs, and I eventually became sick of it.

        I am still compassionate and would be inclined to give, so I have had to put a conscious brake on my giving, in the past having actually given the shirt off my back by taking it off and giving it to someone

        Your point on losing my preps is well made and I agree with you. But my point is about those who don’t bother about preparing. As an example, I don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol, my choice obviously,

        A while back a neighbor queried how I could afford to buy things he couldn’t, going so far as to jokingly (or not) suggest I had plenty of money coming in that the government doesn’t know about, so I did some basic maths for him: Taking a month as 28 days / 4 weeks:

        Daily pack of cigarettes = £9.00 a day = £63.00 a week x 4 weeks =£252.00
        Bar and home drinking he conceded it was EASILY £50.00 per week x 4 weeks= £200.00
        So that’s £452 PER MONTH, so because you use 4 weeks as a month 52 weeks /4 = 13
        £452 x 13= £5,876.00.
        Allowing extra to account for his minimum spend and you can easily top out at £6,000.00
        £3,276 a year up in smoke
        £2,600 a year pissed down the toilet (not trying to be crude but ……..)

        A few times a year he goes on a bender and is found lying somewhere, usually in his own ‘FLUIDS’ These are random times, not linked to anything, older neighbors who’ve known him all his life confirm there’s no reason for it that they know of.

        Of course he vowed he was going to quit, or at least cut down, still hasn’t.

        Now WHY would I help him out ?

        A few houses from me is an elderly neighbor, I have known her and her husband for YEARS, I promised him before he died that I would look after her (not that he needed to ask as I would’ve done it anyway)
        I cut her grass sometimes, I cut her hedges every year, I keep the house in good repair. Despite her protestations I don’t and won’t take money, but through out the year I get the odd cake, some scones, a pie.

        If anything happens I WILL take care of her.
        As for my smoking/drinking neighbor, what am I supposed to do ? Frankly he’s lazy and obnoxious anyway, he could start a WAR between 2 lies walking up a wall

        I honestly have NO charity for him or people like him and I never will

        • I think we agree, on most of these points. Some people, who make no attempt, what-so-ever, would only squander our charity and waste it. There must be some thought and qualifications before providing charity.

          There are definitely people, who don’t deserve charity. They live off the public now, and will try to after SHTF, so woe be to them.

          Your comment was very well thought out, and I commend you!


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