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Instant Shift from Gray Man to Chameleon

In preparedness it’s better to be the “Gray Man”, but when that SHTF, you might need to shift from Gray Man to Chameleon instantly. Not just blend in with other people, but disappear into your surroundings completely.

Instant Shift from Gray Man to Chameleon

You’re on your way home from work (or school) and suddenly, the SHTF.

You have your get home bag, a normal looking backpack, and you are dressed in regular, subdued earth tones. You look like everyone else around you. That’s good!

What happens if you are making your way home, and things start getting really crazy?

Looking like everyone else doesn’t help you, if bad people are preying on everyone around them, and taking their get home bags, supplies, or worse, taking anything and everything they want.

This is exactly the situation where you need to be able to instantly blend in with the landscape, the weather or the night and instantly increase your chances.

How can you instantly add a camouflage to your existing clothes quickly?


A handy camouflage poncho for summer, a snow poncho for winter and a black poncho (or even a dark navy blue) for night (remember that night isn’t truly black), depending on the season, region or time of day, tucked in your Get Home Bag. That poncho is ready to deploy at a moments notice.

snow poncho

You duck out of site, into the woods or behind a tree, slip your poncho over your clothing, melting into the foliage, snow or the darkness of night around you.

The game just changed, and now it’s a bit more in your favor!

Now you’ve gone from being a person dressed in regular street clothes to a person covered in a camouflage, black or snow poncho.

No camouflage is 100%, but if you experiment with draping these ponchos in different ways and crouching in different positions, you will likely find a couple of combinations, that can make it very hard to detect you, with the naked eye.

Instead of an entire change of clothing, you can carry one or more of these poncho’s with you. Add some optional accessories like a camouflage, white or black balaclava, ski-mask and gloves and your transformation is complete.

The military rain poncho, can also function as a shelter, serving as a multiple use item. This saves space and weight in your Get Home Bag or Bug Out Bag!

The “Gray Man” concept is a good practice to follow, but there are times you might need to shift from Gray Man to Chameleon instantly, avoiding your pursuers with camouflage stealth.


  1. Pretty cool. Reading this i thought, what a good idea it would be to do our best to look as haggard and unkept as the rest of the population, if we are going to be living outside of the SHTF area and entering it to stock up on supplies. Being preppers and survivalist we may end up looking much cleaner and healthier then the majority of the population well after a crisis. We dont want to stick out as prosperous people; It would most likely get us some regrettable attention. Blending with nature is great knowledge too. I would say prepare for both. 😉


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