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Guest Post: Flashlights Lights up Your Way to Safety

Flashlights and torches might be the last thing on your mind – as they aren’t as “flashy” as your Iphone or Ipad. The thing is, flashlights can work as an everyday tool as a way to “light on your safety” so to speak. Indeed, there can be many instances where a torch can be a handy dandy tool. This covers situation from dropping something small under the dresser to times when you’re in a dark stretch of road and your vehicle’s engine breaks down.

Let’s consider the scenario that you’re putting on your favorite pair of earrings. It’s a precious little set that used to be owned by your grandmother. By accident, you lost your grip on the earring lock and it rolled under the wardrobe or the dresser. You’re not really sure where it went and even in the daytime, it can be pretty dark under those pieces of furniture. Instead of groping in the dark and wasting so much time looking for your earring lock, you can use your flashlight. You can see more clearly and easily – and you don’t have to get your hands dirty or let your sleeves wipe off the dust.

During critical situations like a power outage during a storm, you never have to move around in the dark if you have torches stored in various places around your home. Even though you already have a clear picture of what the obstacles in your way around your home are, you can still trip and fall or worse hit your head if you’re moving around in the dark. When there’s a power outage, just go to the nearest place where you have stored a torch and you’re ready to gather your family in one place in the house, check the doors and windows, etc.

Having a small flashlight in the glove compartment of your car will spare you from a whole lot of hassle when you find yourself groping in the dark. You can also use this to find things in the dark spots of your car. If a glass or hard plastic shatters inside your car, you can keep from cutting yourself when you can see exactly what you’re trying to get. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you can shine a light under the hood to see what went wrong. Keep in mind that even with street lights on, it might not be enough to help you see the details under the hood.

For fishing excursions at night, you can’t really get right on to fishing without having a light to guide you when you’re tying your tackle, looking for a great spot to fish and also cleaning your catch. Flashlights are an everyday tool. They’re also tools that ensure your safety. If there’s any question about you having a handful of them around your house, in your car, etc., put your doubts to rest. Torches are essential – though it may not be as fancy as your other gadgets.

Marissa writes for Batterymax, an online retailer store of batteries, torches and accessories.