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Easy Ways to Prepare for Riots and Migrant Invasions

With all the violence, in Europe, we need to be prepared for anything. Here are some easy ways to prepare for riots and migrant invasions.

Easy Ways to Prepare for Riots and Migrant Invasions

It’s hard for me to look at what’s happening in Europe right now, around 8,000 African and Middle-Eastern migrants cross their borders every single day. The old continent will never be the same, that’s  for sure, and I feel powerless when it comes to doing something to stop this “flood”. The US also agreed to receive 10,000 of them last I heard so if you think this migrant crisis won’t affect you, think again. I’m willing to bet that number will rise pretty soon.

Considering the size of the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, adding a few hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants is like pouring gasoline on fire. We need to prepare. We need to know what to do in the next wave of riots because one thing I do know is it’s going to be devastating.

#1. Move out of downtown areas

You don’t have to leave everything behind (friends, jobs) and move out of the city into the wilderness or in a small town. The suburbs will allow you and your spouse to keep your jobs and you’ll be far away from the streets and squares that are most likely to witness bloody street-fights at some point.

#2. Have a get home bag and an everyday carry kit (EDC)…

…and make sure all your family members do too. The items you have on you when you’re away from home may as well save your life if you’re trapped in a riot, if you happen to run into a gang of thugs or if someone starts following you at night. Buying stuff for your GHB and EDC is easy; the hard part is keeping them concealed so your co-workers don’t think you’re crazy for having water purifying tablets on you.

#3. Spread the word

My personal Facebook profile is full of news and footage about the migrants that’ve taken over Europe. Even though I lost a few “Facebook friends” lately, I’m confident that my efforts are raising much-needed awareness, particularly since liberal media prefers to only show on side of the story.

You need to know your facts because there are plenty of fake photos and misleading news out there that do not make our point.

#4. Do drills (preferably with your family)

They are easier than you think. During a lunch break, make it a point to get home as fast as you can (without causing an accident). Measure how long all of this takes you and try to beat your own record in subsequent drills. You can even stop along the way if you notice a vending machine to see how fast you can get to the cash in your survival bag to get water and energy bars (as you would in an emergency situation when you’d need to be hydrated and energized).

#5. Prepare for martial law

Total Martial Law means, among other things, the suspension of the Constitution and the replacement of the Government and the legislative powers with a military dictatorship. If this happens, it means things are bad. Really bad.

As long as you’re prepping, you might as well do it for a more extreme scenario such as this one because you’ll automatically be ready for anything else: riots, civil unrest or a state of emergency. Just remember what happened during Katrina when people were forced to spend several nights in the Superdome in New Orleans, along with types of people I’d rather not talk about.

#6. Don’t trust ANYONE

Good people turn into savages when put in critical situations. Just look at the migrant crisis in Europe. Many of the refugees became violent when they weren’t allowed into Hungary, not to mention some of them may be terrorists.

Speaking of which, some of the terrorists who decided to take Christian lives were also considered to be “nice guys” by the people who previously knew then and were interviewed. Heck, even some of your neighbors might get upset that you don’t join their protests (What normal prepper would, protests and having the mob mentality are completely useless.) My point is, you can’t really trust anyone during social unrest. Instruct your kids to avoid talking to strangers and learn to recognize when someone is stick to stay away from them.

#7.  Stay Connected and Read the Signs

If you bug out when it’s too late… bad news: you might not make it. The streets will be veritable battlefields so good luck with that. It’s better to bug out to early as soon as you feel things are going down the drain and make a fool of yourself than it is to make the decision when it’s too late and risk everything.

One of the most important things you can do is to constantly watch local TV stations or listen to local radio stations so you’re the first to know when something bad happens. You also need to

#8. Make Like-minded Friends

They don’t necessarily have to be preppers. A lot of folks out there are concerned with politics and the way things are going and, even if they aren’t prepping, they at least see the things the same way you do.

The more such people you know, the more likely it is they’ll help you or that you’ll help them. Who knows, maybe one of them will help you bug out in case you can’t for some reason (even if they don’t know what bugging out means right now).

#9. Become a grey man or woman

Becoming a grey man is all about not standing out from the crowd. Let’s take a closer look at those migrants trying to make their way into Germany, Austria and Sweden. Though there hasn’t been conclusive proof, many people fear that ISIS terrorists disguised themselves as refugees.

If you noticed, most of these guys were well dressed, had smartphones and money. So, if you were trying to blend in with them, would you try to look like a dirt-poor refugee? Of course not! You’d have a smartphone and good clothes too.

My point is, if you want to blend in with the people around you to avoid suspicions that you might have things of value on you, such as money, guns or gold. You need to look like them, smell like them and dress like them.

Final Word

It’s almost impossible to see how the coming nation-wide social chaos will unfold. Who would have thought modern refugees would look like the ones who are still trying, as I’m writing this, to make their way into Europe? The only certainty in the coming disaster is uncertainty so I guess my best and final advice I can give you is to always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

A guest post from Dan Sullivan – www.SurvivalSullivan.com


  1. In addition to my GHB I have two GHCs – Get Home Cans – strapped into the back of my truck. They are MEGA-sized ammo cans that I got from work and I use them for a mobile resupply point. Everything that is in my GHB is also contained in each can so that I have a backup to my backup. It’s also great when I run low, or just need additional supplies to add to my GHB. Since I’m not “too far” from my truck at work, or at most given times. As long as I can get to it I can resupply or hunker down depending on the situation.


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