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Dollar Crash – What then?

We know how to spend money, but what will we do if we see the US Dollar crash? Do you have ready alternatives to the dollar?

The US dollar used to be backed by silver, then by gold, but that very reliable model has been replaced by a fiat currency model. An easily manipulated, debt based currency. Bad bad bad! If we do see the US Dollar crash, it will be worthless paper. You’ll need a wheelbarrow load just to buy a slice of bread. The paper it’s printed on will be worth more than the money itself. Let’s think about what we can do about this.

Dollar Crash – alternatives to cash

If the US dollar were to crash, what are you options, what can you use to purchase goods and services?

SilverBarCat1Silver bars, Coins and Rounds: These are bars and/or coins of .999% pure silver, usually weighed in troy ounces. This can be used for larger purchases, standard purchases, if you have no choice or for investment to help you recover after the dollar crash is over and a new currency is instituted. I

Junk Silver coins: These are the old school silver coins that the USA issued up until the 60’s and 70’s. These are the silver dimes, quarters and silver dollars we used to have, that were made with a percentage of real silver. Many people in a post dollar crash situation will recognize and likely accept these are more than the coins face value. I’m a fan of the silver dimes, because I want to use as close to the agreed payment amount as possible.

Junk silver is an informal term used in the United States (and United Kingdom, Canada and Australia) for any silver coin which is in fair condition and has no numismatic or collectible value above the bullion value of the silver it contains. Such coins are popular among people seeking to invest in silver, particularly in small amounts. The word “junk” refers only to the value of the coins as collectibles and not to the actual condition of the coins; junk silver is not necessarily scrap silver.

AVOID ANY COINS OR INGOTS THAT ARE SILVER CLAD. “Silver Clad” means it’s a thin silver layer over some worthless crap metal. Don’t fall for that trick! You’ll never get an oz of silver cheaper than the “spot” price. Watch for scams and silver clad!

See the Spot Price of Silver (or Gold). You can find a full selection of silver bars, coins and rounds at Amazon.

BitCoins: BitCoin is very poplar right now, but you need a computer or access to a computer and your BitCoin wallet to make it all work for you.

Description of BitCoin on Wikipedia

You can mine for bitcoins, using your computer. It’s slow going, but it does work. You will need some techinical prowess and a decent computer with a GPU (graphic processing unit) to be efficient.

You can buy bitcoins

Bitcoin seems hot right now, but if the dollar collapses, there may not be electricity. I’m not for investing in something I can’t touch or haul out with me. Think about that before you invest in BitCoins.

Bullets and Magazines for firearms: I believe that bullets and magazines will be very very valuable after the dollar collapses. People will want to hunt for food, and defend their families from those that didn’t prepare. You could barter bullets for almost anything at this point.

Food: If you can produce food or have a larder or pantry loaded out, you could trade food for silver or bullets, or any other good and services you may need. If you have a garden, you could be king of the neighborhood.

Handyman, repair work, skilled services, product maker: If you can fix things, make things or offer a service that is needed you will be worth a fortune. People will need to keep things longer, you fix those things and they give you food, silver, other barter items or exchange services that you need.

Skills like shoeing horses will probably be higher on the list than web designer. I’m not disrespecting, just being straight.

The US dollar is looking weaker every day, we have a government that seems to be hell bent on bankrupting this great country. It’s time to start making your plan so you are prepared for the Dollar Crash. Get it started or at least think about the alternatives that you can leverage!


  1. FerFAL reported that during the Argentine crisis, pure gold went for the same price as junk gold, because most dealers could not verify that it was pure. So go to a pawn shop, get a small bag of rings.

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