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How to DIY a Home Water Filter System w/ Basic Materials

Everyone knows that the Big Berkey is the premier water filter of choice and it is a champ. 

If you can afford one, then you should have one to provide clean, safe water to you and your family in the event of an emergency or clean water shortage.

If you can’t afford that, I’m here to help you build your own DIY Home Water Filter

DIY Water Filter

Big Berkey Water FilterIf you look at the Big Berkey, what you really have is 2 large buckets. The top bucket has some ceramic filters in it, to filter the water, as it leaves the top bucket and drains into the lower bucket.

OK. That looks simple enough. We can build a DIY home water filter.
First we’ll need a few items to make this all come together

  1. ceramic filters – Pore diameter of 0.2 micron or less.
  2. BucketsFood Grade buckets, no point in drinking clean water from a poison bucket
  3. Spigot – to gracefully distribute the clean water

You can get a combo with the ceramic filters and the spigot together if that helps. I bought my DIY home water filter parts separately.

I decided I could search for 2 Food Grade buckets locally, and get them for free. Seems that I was wrong about that.

Food Grade buckets should be available for free from restaurants, grocery stores (bakery or deli) or many other food type places. Try calling them, most of these places just throw the empty buckets away. I had no luck so I had to go find food grade buckets and buy them.

I found some food grade buckets over at Rural King, in Ohio, while visiting relatives. They carry the white Encore plastics buckets, which according to their website are food grade. As always do your research and verify, all Rural Kings may not carry the same buckets. Also do not assume that any other company’s white buckets are food grade. Do your homework.

Next time I will just order Food Grade buckets from the internet. It would have saved me weeks of time!

After getting all my parts. I realized I’d need a drill, and the ability to drill a 1/2″ hole and a 3/4″ hole to make this all work out. I bought a set of Spade bits, that had all the sizes I needed for this project and I am pretty sure they would come in handy for other projects later.

  1. I drilled a 1/2inch hole in the center of the top bucket and the lid of the bottom bucket.
  2. Put the neck of the filter (with rubber washers -included) through the top bucket and the bottom buckets lid and hand tightened the plastic nut.
  3. I then drilled a 3/4 in hole about 1inch from the bottom of the bottom bucket and mounted the spigot.

Wow, that wasn’t too hard. Now I have a gravity feed DIY home water filter, that should filter 7 to 10 gallons a day.

There is another site that offers similar items, Monolithic. If you want to buy from them, grab a Monolithic Ceramic Water Filter. They have another bucket system with a simple hand pump that puts pressure on the water and forces it through the filter faster. It can clean 50 to 80 gallons of water a day. You can read up on that here.

Let me recap. If you can afford the Big Berkey, then it’s a great, awesome and proven choice. If not then get a ceramic filter, a Spigot, and a couple Buckets and build your own. If there’s an emergency and clean water doesn’t come out of your faucet, your family will be glad you prepared and built them a DIY Home Water Filter

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