Coiling Rope

Do you have several ropes hanging around, literally, that are stored in no particular fashion? If so, this is for you. If you are hoping to learn how to coil your ropes in a way that is neat and tidy as well as easy to unwind when you need it, you will want to pull up a chair and pay attention.


Coiling Rope

Here is a video demonstrating some of the ways you can coil a rope for hanging in your garage, laying in the trunk of your car or even for hanging off your pack. A nice coil is great for keeping a rope free of knots and tangles and quite frankly, it just looks a lot better. The last thing you want to be dealing with in an emergency survival situation is a tangled up gob of rope. Take the time to learn how to store them neatly today and avoid future frustration.

Common Coil -The common coil is, well, common and easy. Check out the video to get a good idea of how to do this. Basically, you will create a large circle by making circles. This coil is an excellent because of the loop left on top that can be used to hang on a hook in your garage. You can use this same coil-style with a different loop to hang the coiled rope as demonstrated in the video.

Daisy Chain -This is just a cool looking way to store your rope or cords. It is easy to fashion and is super simple to uncoil when you need it. However, it is not exactly compact and does take up some space.

These are pretty simplistic coils, but remember, it will take some practice before you get it down pat. If you have a lot of paracord or other cordage that you want to store in a ready-to-use fashion, these coils will work as well.

Craig Caudill instructs about bug out back packs and other outdoors/survival topics at Dan’s Depot. He also is the chief instructor at his Nature Reliance School.


  1. the daisy chain is easy for any needleworker to remember, because it’s the same as the “single crochet” stitch, the basis of all crochet work! i never thought of using it for any other purpose, though. nice job, thanks a bushel.


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