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Using a Chainsaw

Chainsaws are an excellent homesteading and farming tool. Using a chainsaw proficiently would be a skill that you would probably benefit from in a homesteading situation.

Using a Chainsaw

Chainsaws are an excellent homesteading and farming tools.  Knowing how to safely and properly use a chainsaw will benefit you.

It is important that you learn the ins and outs of the chainsaw you have chosen. Each brand and model can offer different features. Take the time to get familiar with it by reading the manual, before you run out there and fire up that new chainsaw. Sometimes it’s best to learn how to operate a chainsaw from someone who has experience. There is no shame in asking a more experienced person to show you the ropes.

If you are unable to locate an experienced chainsaw mentor, at least read a book on how to safely operate chainsaws.

Safety First

Chainsaws can be extremely dangerous. There are some highly recommended pieces of safety equipment you should use when using the chainsaw. Everything from safety glasses, ear protection and even clothing that can limit the amount of damage the chainsaw blade can do if something does go awry. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Start Small

A good place to start when you are learning your way around a new chainsaw is small limbs and branches. Then you can work your way up to bigger logs and then to felling trees.

Before you start chopping down trees, consider your project carefully. Not every tree should be cut down. Learn which trees are ideal for firewood and how to identify them. Some dead trees are better left standing because they are intricate parts of the ecosystem and provide food and shelter for wildlife.

tree limb chainsaw

There are always trees that are best left alone, or left to the professionals. These could be trees to close to homes, structures, powerlines or other objects.

A chainsaw can be a huge benefit to the homestead or farm, if handled properly and safety.


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