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Surviving gun and ammo shortages

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get the ammo you need. Here is a simple trick for surviving gun and ammo shortages.

Surviving gun and ammo shortages

When you can’t find the ammo you need for your common use firearms, you may have to start acquiring ammo for your less common guns.

At the very height of the ammo shortages, I was still able to buy all the ammo I needed for my old .16 gauge shotgun.

Many of you are thinking, that you’ve never seen a 16 gauge. A 16 gauge is a bit smaller than a 12 gauge, but larger than a 20 gauge. It’s common enough that most stores carry ammo for it (Wal-Mart, Rural King and small town hardware stores) but just uncommon enough, to the average Joe, that the ammo is still on the shelves.


This old shotgun is a single shot, break-open design, so by adding a Buttstock Shotgun Shell Holder it now has he ability to carry 5 shots on the shotgun ready to go.

I’m not saying run out and buy a 16 gauge (but it is a decent idea), but to stock up on ammo for your less common firearms, or pick up a less common firearm for just this reason.

If it all goes to hell and I run out of other ammo I’ll still have some 16 gauge left and access to more!


  1. Another really good firearm is the Nagant M95 revolver uses a 7.62X38 round aka 7.62 Nagant. The trigger pull is heavy but if you know what you are doing or know a gunsmith the trigger spring can be sanded down to lighten the trigger. During the height of the ammo shortage my local Cabela’s always had 30+ boxes available on any given day, while the rest of the ammo shelves was bare. It can also use a .32 short, .32 S&W long and .32 H&R Mag. They have after market cylinders for the .32 rounds but if you aren’t afraid of a slight case bulge then you can use the .32 in the original cylinder (the bulge is the same you would get shooting a .22 lr out a .22 mag revolver.


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