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Surveillance Countermeasures

The existence of  mass surveillance programs have been confirmed by leaks and news media. We know that everyone is being watched. What can do you? Use Surveillance Countermeasures to ensure your privacy.

Surveillance Countermeasures

The Washington Post and The Guardian have revealed the existence of a mass  surveillance programs. These domestic spying surveillance programs began more than seven years ago.

You are being monitored and spied on today…right now!

Do you want to know who are the players and collaborators and what services are being compromised? Read on!

What can you do to protect yourself and your privacy?

You need to start securing your own privacy and RIGHTS! Don’t make it easy on anyone trying to monitor you! There are many digital surveillance countermeasures available to help protect your privacy!

Internet Use

Some agencies have connections directly into the servers of service providers and services. The government and law enforcement don’t even need a warrant for your data. These companies have given them “connectors” to ingest ALL user data, every day and in real time into their government surveillance databases. Where they will store it FOREVER!

Here is a confirmed list of actors against the people:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Microsoft
  4. Apple
  5. Yahoo
  6. YouTube
  7. AOL
  8. Skype

Do not assume that any company or service on this list is safe. Assume that they are all complacent and compromised.

Here are resources to help you with Internet

Encrypt your email.

You have a right to privacy, but the government treats your email like a post card. Since it’s not secure, they read it, and they read it ALL!

Lock it down,

  • read the tutorial on Thunderbird email encryption using Enigmail and OpenPGP (or OpenGPG)
  • start using the webmail provided from an non-USA Company, like StartMail or many others. Free email will always be willing to sell your data to make a profit, so don’t shy away from paying $35-50/year to protect your email and privacy!
  • Companies like Hushmail might be fine, and it’s better than nothing. How long before the US government forces this Canadian company to start bowing to their surveillance programs is unknown. That’s why a do it yourself solution is more secure. Read more about Hushmail’s Security (especially the section labeled The Limitations of Hushmail)

Cell Phones

Now we know they are storing all our cell phone records. They claim it’s just the meta data on the calls, but I have multiple separate sources that have admitted that they are storing the voice content of the calls themselves and your text messages. If you communicate or browse the internet on your cell phone, they have ALL that information!

Read Cellphone: The tracking device in your pocket to learn how they leverage your cellphone and cell service. The services that you pay for are used to track you.

They even use the on-board GPS and cellphone tower triangulation to track and report your location in real time.

Buy a Prepaid confirmed (burner) with cash, activate it online from a public wifi hotspot (under a false name and address) and buy the refills of minutes with cash too. Leave the battery out of it when you aren’t using it.


Now that we know that the mass surveillance programs connect directly into the servers of those service providers, it’s time to stop using their navigation services. Instead of using your Cellphone’s built in GPS and navigation, buy a stand-alone GPS unit use some GPS Navigation OpSec.


It’s time to trust only yourself to secure your privacy and your communication. Do not trust anyone else or any companies, they have already sold you out. Always always take your privacy seriously and use Digital Surveillance Countermeasures whenever possible!

They haven’t just sold you out, they have sold you!


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