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Storytelling: An Overlooked Survival Skill

Storytelling will be one skill that is very essential in a post apocalyptic world and everyone will need it, but I see no one else discussing this. This skill will provide entertainment for your group and education for your young. What is this vastly underrated, yest essential skill?


Storytelling, An Overlooked Survival Skill

That’s right. Storytelling.

Once upon a time, long ago, our ancestors used stories to entertain and to educate. They’d pass on oral histories and traditions through these stories, and a new generation would learn these stories and pass them on to the next, on and on.

On the dark nights, after the chores and tasks are done for the day, there won’t be any television to enjoy. Batteries will be to vital to your survival so they won’t be wasted on mp3’s and videos. Story telling will once again become the evening entertainment and the way to fill those idle voids in our days. It will be the only light in days of toil, work and vigilance.

Storytelling may also become our method, in which we teach our children important lessons, moral values, parables, stories of our past, and to pass on our oral history for them to share with their offspring and their descendants.

Storytelling will become a role of importance in your group or community and will be a tradition and skill that will be passed from generation to generation. Books can be lost, confiscated or destroyed, but memory and oral tradition can be kept alive as long as those who have heard it still live!

All tribes and primitive people respect and adore their clan’s story teller. This is a skill set that you will want to ensure that at least one member of your group will have to teach and keep your history alive.

Here are some good books to start you on the path of story teller (or you might want to stock up on a few books for when the Story Teller is off duty or sick):



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