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Should You Embrace Your Dark Side?

We all have a dark side. You have one. I have one. Is your dark side something that can give you the edge after SHTF?

Should You Embrace Your Dark Side?

Our dark side, we’ve conditioned ourselves to avoid using it, or hide it so deeply that we operate like it doesn’t exist. Every once in a while, it rears its head or we feel it welling up from the dark place we’ve locked it up.

Maybe that part of you is a pathological liar, a kleptomaniac, a monster filled with furious anger issues, a slick con artist, pick pocket, hacker, mad scientist, or who knows what else. Maybe this dark side is a set of dark skills, that you hide from the light of day!

We’ve all seen the TV shows and movies where the bad guys use their criminal talents for good. Could your dark side be a powerful weapon for you after SHTF?

Before we get to far into this, let me say that some people have a dark side that they NEVER need to embrace. You all know what I’m talking about, and if you are one of these people, please get some professional help soon, before SHTF.

Quick examples


A good example is my friend, Steve. He’s a teddy bear, a big soft gruff man. When he was a younger man, he had a temper and many a man learned about that temper quickly and painfully.

Sometimes when a situation get’s out of hand, I can see that dangerous gleam in Steve’s eye, before he locks it back down and regains his Zen. After SHTF there will be times that he’ll need that temper to be set loose to protect those he loves.


Bob is as honest as the day is long, but there was a different time, long ago. Bob is still slick and sees everything. He doesn’t use it for evil, but there was a time when he would engineer people into doing what he wanted, all the while, they were thinking it was their idea and it’s what they wanted to do.

This skill could come in handy at road blocks or wheeling and dealing at a market.

The Smooth Liar

A smooth liar, while today is seen as shifty, might be just the right guy to talk his way past a checkpoint or out of tense situation after the apocalypse.

You know what your dark side is, or what negative personality traits you have. Be introspective and objective to see if there is a way to capitalize on them in a positive way. Maybe not now, but after SHTF, its going to be a different world. I’m not saying become a dirt bag, I’m saying use the “gifts” (or curse) you’re given in the right ways!

After SHTF, the worst will come out of everyone, it’s better to be ready to find a way to channel your dark side for the benefit of good and for others, than to let it turn you into an animal or another evil predator.


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