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Protect Your Head

We make sure to wear helmets when riding bikes or motorcycles, so make sure to protect your head after the SHTF or when bugging out!

Protect Your Head

It’s smart to wear a helmet, when riding bikes (or motorcycles), but after a SHTF situation you should consider wearing a protective helmet any time you are off your property or outside of camp.

It would only take tripping over a tree root, stone or tumbling down a small embankment to cause head trauma. This could be a  potentially life ending injury in a time without access to doctors and emergency rooms.

It would also make sense to protect your head in any scenario where there might be bad or mislead people looking to take what you have or looking to take you out. Granted a typical helmet would not stop a direct shot from most firearms, but would give you an advantage against shrapnel and blows to the head during combat.

What type of helmet would I recommend?

My first choice would typically be a military surplus Kevlar helmet ($200-250ish or more), if you decide to go this route make sure it’s really KEVLAR. If it’s under $50 you’d better read the description and look for terms like ABS, then read the customer reviews (thank goodness for Amazon Reviews!) to ensure it’s the real deal.

If a Kevlar helmet is out of reach, I’d select a rock climbing helmet or skateboarding helmet in a flat black color. If your like me, you may even have a US military surplus steel helmet. There is also the option of the old-school, Russian WWII M52 Steel Helmet, another tried and true helmet!

If you find a non-black color that is cheap, just spend a few bucks on a decent flat black paint. You’ll be painting things black post-shtf anyway (trust me).

I have both a Kevlar helmet and a flat black rock climbing helmet for myself, and my wife and kids all got the flat black rock climbing helmets also.

After a SHTF situation you really need to protect your head, to avoid an injury that can end your life. Please consider wearing some form of protective helmet any time you are off your property or outside of camp.


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