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Prepper Health – Weight Loss

I’ve been focusing on my health for the last couple years, but I can’t seem to get a handle on controlling my weight. I’ve decided to make some changes and lose the extra weight.

Prepper Health – Weight Loss

Like I said, I’ve been focusing on my health for the last couple years, I run for 45 minutes, every day or two, on my elliptical machine. I can do between 4-5 miles in 45 minutes.

The problem is exercise makes me hungry. This leads to me justifying , or rationalizing, more binge eating.

“Well, I’ve been working out, I can eat another double cheese burger!”

“I can eat a full order of Mozzarella sticks, because I exercise.”

That thinking has ballooned me up to almost 270lbs. Not good, not cool. This probably wouldn’t be a problem if I was 15-20 years younger.

Preppers need to be healthy. I’m learning this stuff as I go, just as you are. Some of us are chubby, if we want to survive, and cut down health risks, we need to exercise AND maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, in some cases diabetes and many other ailments. Not a great situation for those of us who plan to survive some apocalypse or natural disaster.

I’ve implemented some diet changes and have already seen a loss of 5lbs in just a couple weeks.

What have I done?


Lots of salads.

Salads without cheese. I’ll allow myself a tad bit of grilled chicken, some onions, maybe some almonds or sunflower seeds, but mostly good old fashioned lettuce.

I also avoid fatty, but delicious salad dressings.

I’m not a fan of plain lettuce, but I did take an idea from a buddy of mine, named Jack.

Jack lost about a million pounds in 1 year. Ok, it wasn’t really a million, but I’ll bet it was more than 100lbs.

He turned me on to a fat free, and almost no calories salad dressing alternative.

I mix balsamic vinegar (the balsamic vinegar mind you, not the balsamic vinaigrette) and some brown mustard or Dijon mustard together and use it instead of salad dressing. It’s zesty and zippy and very tolerable, if not delicious.

Sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I’ll just toss the lettuce and grilled chicken in a wrap, or tortilla, and put the mustard and balsamic vinegar on separately.

I also allow myself unlimited snacks…of fruit. I can graze on fruit all day long. I’m not hungry, I’m eating, I’m just eating better.

5lbs down, about 50lbs to go.

This prepper is getting serious about his Prepper Health. Let’s do this thing!


  1. John, you are spot on with making adjustments to your diet if you really want to reach a healthy target weight. The Mayo Clinic reports that a combination of diet + exercise is ideal, however, diet is the more effective method: https://mayocl.in/8fxZ4M. A friend of mine recently dropped from ~270 to around 220, his method? “I stopped drinking beer and ran two miles every day.” As delicious as beer can be, like any other food vice, we all know it is just empty carbs sabotaging our health and stealing away the precious years we have with our children.

    I remember thinking Jack was weird for always ordering a side of balsamic when we were out to dinner, but then I realized how much weight he dropped by making such a simple change in his diet. Balsamic has tons of flavor and combining it was a little oil and low calorie condiments you can make a tasty dressing. Also, remember when you make these salads to stick with good greens (baby spinach), not the mostly water iceberg lettuce.

    Good luck on your journey and if you want a buddy to do a fun run with let me know.


  2. Another good alternative to salad dressing is salsa. Salsa has 0 fat and few calories (if you’re not eating it on tortilla chips!). I use various salsas as dressing all the time — put my salads in a HUGE bowl (lettuce mix, carrots, zucchini, radishes), about 2 cups worth at least, add 1-2 tablespoons of salsa, stir a bit, cover with a plate & shake. Very tasty; few calories, 0 fat. You can also mix things like Chinese mustard into your salads for a spicy kick, or horseradish.

  3. Hey John, great to hear you’re serious about getting healthy. That’s a way overlooked prep. I was in your same ‘boat’ three years ago – 50 lbs over my fight weight šŸ™

    I had always been athletic and ate a low fat diet. I was getting nowhere. A pound here and there. Run 5 days a week and starve myself led to ‘reward’ meals that sabotaged my progress. Then I stumbled upon a lifestyle (not diet) that revolutionized my health, fitness, and life in general. Once I started, weight loss was effortless. And get this, I was never hungry like I use to be when dieting.

    Now I don’t do chronic cardio or even crazy hard workouts to maintain my weight and physical condition. It’s been the simplest ‘diet’ ever. I eat all the healthy fats I want šŸ™‚

    If you’re interested, check out the Primal Blueprint. Here’s a get started page: https://www.marksdailyapple.com/welcome-to-marks-daily-apple/#axzz2Y11YSDd7

    I don’t usually comment about people’s journey to health and fitness, but your story struck a cord in me to share what I do. Check it out if you have time.

    I’d be very happy to talk with you more about it if you have any questions. Looking forward to reports on your progress.

    Keep doing the stuff,


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