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Prepper groups, power in numbers

We all have heard the old adage “You can’t do it alone”, and that is so true for preppers. We need be part of prepper group.

Prepper groups, power in numbers

Just like fellowship is important in your faith, fellowship with like minds is important for preppers.

While we can stockpile prepper related resources alone, we can’t expect to survive in a post-SHTF world alone, or even as a single family. We need other families to pull together and become prepper groups, or prepper communities, to succeed and to survive.

Think of all the tasks and chores that will need to be done in a world with no convenience stores or big box supermarkets or department stores.

Here are some of the chores and tasks, that come easily to mind. This isn’t a full list by any measure.

Keep in mind that these duties should be rotated, if possible, unless someone has an awesome ability in one of these areas. Even then they should be given time off from that role to avoid burn out.

  • Guard duty: You need to sleep sometime. There needs to be a guard, or guards, on watch 24×7 around your farm, retreat or your home.There will be very desperate people looking to take what others have. Even if those desperate people don’t resort to violence, the loss of essential resources can kill you, just like violence can.
  • Patrols: People will need to be on patrol, or stationed at key areas of visibility. This will give your group key recon about what’s going on in the areas around your zone, and will give you a heads up if someone is scouting your retreat for a possible raid.This is also your early warning detection team about incoming gangs of looters, who might be well armed and very organized.
  • Cooks: Your group will need to eat. Someone needs to inventory provisions, plan meals, cook for a group, and ensure that everyone is fed. This includes having food for those coming off duty at odd hours. Everyone deserves to sit down and have a meal, even if it’s midnight.
  • Gardening and Food preservation: Tending to, and growing the food. Preserving the harvest and the food that comes in from hunters and trappers.
  • Hunting: This is fairly self explanatory. You’ll need fresh meat. The pelts can be saved too and turned into needed items. Waste no resource, no matter how small.
  • Trapping: Similar to hunting, except with traps. Trapping is good because it’s a passive task. Traps will catch animals even when the trapper is doing something else. Every group should have at least one trapper, and he should train others asap! Again it’s about meat, fat and pelts.Trappers also tend to develop an innate understanding of how creatures will move through different areas. A trapper will likely be able to tell you which way wandering people will approach, and they’ll probably already have ideas about ways to set traps to catch or stop other “animals”
  • Foraging: You’ll want to ensure that you have someone who can identify wild edibles for your area. There is a wealth of natural foods, that we don’t take advantage of. These foods can be found in your very own backyard, along fence rows and in the woods and forests.
  • Resource Acquisition: You’ll want to have observant, stealthy, quiet, sneaky people who can scout around for resources. Resources can be medicines, foods, scrap parts, spare parts, water and almost anything else you can think of. These will be the people who visit abandoned stores, structures and explore.They need to be observant to find new areas to explore and to make sure that they don’t lead others back to your home, and they need to be stealthy to ensure that they don’t attract needless attention.
  • Seamstress or Tailor: Clothes will have to last much longer than they do now. Clothes will also rip and tear more, because we’ll be outside working more.
  • Laundry: There will be a lot (I mean a ton) of dirty clothes to wash.
  • Doctor, Nurse, EMT: Find someone with medical training, or get some yourself. Volunteer to be an EMT if nothing else. This is very important.
  • Firewood: Somebody has to cut firewood, gather firewood and split those logs. This could end up being a full time position. You have to really prepare for those cold winters.
  • Teachers: Groups of families will likely have children, you’ll want to provide some form of education to them. Luckily homesteading and prepping tends to have a decent percentage of homeschooling families!
  • Story Tellers: This will be your entertainment. Not only will the Storyteller charm you with his tales, but he will also be the person to recount the tales of valor and probably be an oral historian. This person will be vital at the end of the day.
  • Fix its: The team that repairs broken doohickeys and things like generators and solar systems.
  • Techs and Radio: Communications and monitoring the radios will be a big job. These people may even have the abilities to help the Fix It team when things are technical in nature.

Now you can see the sheer amount of tasks and chores that will need to be done daily and how you’ll need a group of families to ensure safety, health and survival.

It’s time to start branching out and finding like-minded families with those skill sets that your group lacks. Prepper groups and communities are really the only answer.


  1. My people ARE organized like this. Have been for nearly two hundred years. You’re a prepper? Be sure to know where the Mormons are. When bad things happen – they WILL be organized and helping everyone around them. Keep close to my people and your family will be okay. There is no need as some prepper sites intimate that mankind will go totally wonky when the SHTF. That situation will happen only one small area at a time, not worldwide, nor all at once.

  2. Me & my friend were talking about this the other night … in a SHTF situation … the reality of everyone getting out to a more secure location is minimum … while I do believe there should an “out of the way” meet up spot, you need a group of like minded people to meet up there … strength in numbers.


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