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38 Essential Item Get Home Bag Ultimate Guide & Checklist

You're driving home from work one day, and BANG, it goes down. The Shiz has hit the fan. Your car is out of commission and like most commuters, you've got a good distance to go to make it home ...

9 Best Gun Oils for 2020 Smooth Operation (+Cleaning Guides)

If you own a gun, you already know oil has a high impact on the reliability, performance, and lifespan...

Free SERE Survival Guide! Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape

How prepared are you to survive in the wilderness? It is no doubt that adjusting your mindset and plans to adapt to a new and harsh environment could be hard. However, being equipped with valuable skills ...

6 Reliable Fire Building Techniques +Tools, Tips & Tricks

Since the dawn of time, man has been on a quest to dominate fire. It started with the Neanderthals...

15 Best Bushcraft Survival Knives & [2020 FREE Buyers Guide]

Bushcrafting is defined as a skill or a person's ability to survive in the wilderness, usually by choice. The...

How to Program a Baofeng Radio Easily with CHIRP Software

It makes sense that your handheld radio should be able to take the place of multiple radios. Want to...

7 Best Ways to Convert a Poncho to a Survival Tarp Shelter

If you need to bug out or pack light, then you'll want to embrace any gear that can serve...

5 Best 300 Win Mag Rifles for [2020] Dead-on Sharp Shooting

For quite a few reasons, .300 Win Mag is an extremely popular rifle round. As the name might suggest,...

How Build an Impenetrable Survival Supply Cache (+Item List)

You'll never know when you will need to flee or be forced to flee, but whatever the real reason...

10 Top Rugged Survival Tents & Shelters [+2020 FREE Guide]

Food, shelter and clothing are necessary fundamentals that everyone should have. A roof over you and your loved one's heads keeps you safe, dry and private ...

What is the Easiest Way to Go OFF-GRID with Success?

In recent years going off the grid has become a cultural buzz phrase. From reality shows airing, to dozens of new articles and media coverage ...

4 Best Handy Knot Guides You Can Print & Practice Anywhere

Download and print out these handy knot guides and wallet cards for easy reference. You'll always have the means to...



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