Olight Odin 2000 Lumen Tactical Weapon Light Review

Out of the number of tools you can choose to have in your survival kit, you need to have a light source. One of the options you can go for is purchasing a tactical flashlight.

Tactical flashlights are flashlights that can be used on a firearm so users can have a better view of their target. You can either mount these flashlights in firearms or handheld.

Olight Odin Tactical Flashlight Attach to rifle

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Uses of Tactical Flashlights
    Starting a fire
    Sending SOS signals
What Should You Look For In A Flashlight?
Olight Odin

In doomsday situations, tactical flashlights can be useful for when hunting, looking for items in the dark and attracting attention to your location should you need it.


Tactical Light Features

One of the characteristics of a 20200730_175526tactical flashlight is its durability.

Most tactical flashlights are from sturdy material that can withstand several different conditions. Most tactical flashlights are shockproof and can still work after a fall from a considerably high place.

Some have water-resistant technology, so the torch can still operate underwater and when it rains.

Reliability is another particular feature of tactical flashlights.

Since these flashlights are mostly for situations where charging, repairing, and other maintenance activities are rarely possible. You don’t want to be walking around the forest foraging for food and having your flashlight give up on you.

If you purchase a tactical flashlight with all its bells and whistles, you can get ones with magnetic charging and remote control.


Uses of Tactical Flashlights

1) Self-defense

Since most tactical flashlights today can focus their beams in a narrower line than most flashlights and can produce light in a single beam, you can use it for several self-defense purposes.

Depending on the type, tactical flashlights have high lumens and therefore produce incredibly bright light.

The light emitted by tactical flashlights is extremely bright that it can disorient targets.

Sometimes the light can also be used to temporarily blind targets who are trying to attack you. 

This tactic is useful since your attacker will have their eyes adjusted to the darkness.

When shone a bright light, it can cause damage to your attacker’s eyes. Temporarily blinding attackers will also give you a higher chance of escape – a number one priority when surviving an attack.

2) Starting a fire

There are several methods of starting a fire using tactical flashlights.

The first one is to use the glass lens of the flashlight to magnify sunlight. You have to prepare dry, highly flammable items for this method to work.

Olight Odin with Light On

The second method should only happen during desperate, survival situations.

This method involves breaking the bulb of the tactical flashlight.

Carefully break the bulb without damaging the inner filament. Once the filament is exposed, you can put your tinder inside the flashlight surrounding the filament. Once done, turn on your tactical flashlight. The tinder should catch fire.

3) Sending SOS signals

Olight Odin Size

During survival situations, the most common way of asking for help, or signalling others that you need assistance is screaming, waving of hands, or waving clothing. However, these methods are not effective during night time.

Having an immediate source of bright light might change the situation drastically.

One of the ways you can do is to wave your hand in front of the beam of light from the flashlight. This method will create moving shadows that other people can easily spot.

When doing this method, make sure you shine the light along possible paths of rescuers and other individuals who may be able to offer help.

Another method would be to use the tactical flashlight to signal the morse code. This method is more effective when sending a specific message rather than a general signal for help.


What Should You Look For In A Flashlight?

Out of the several choices available in the market from different sales channels, it can be a daunting task to look for excellent tactical flashlights.

Nobody will blame you if you spend a significant amount of time researching the best tactical flashlight that would fit your needs. After all, your life may depend on this tool during survival situations.

Here are some of the things you need to look at before purchasing your next tactical flashlight:

  • Powerful lumens for producing bright light
  • Long battery life
  • Multifunctional parts
  • Waterproof
  • Durability
  • Drop-proof
  • Material used

Olight Odin Battery

With this in mind, you can already narrow down your search to a fewer number of tactical flashlights.

There are undoubtedly many good tactical flashlights out there, but one stands out from having all the top-notch features without forcing you to break the bank.


Olight Odin

So, which tactical flashlight should you consider buying? You may want to check out the Olight Odin Picatinny-Mount Tactical LED Flashlight.

Olight is a company that produces some of the best flashlights out in the market today. However, their Odin light is one of their best works.

The Olight Odin is a rifle dedicated tactical flashlight that produces bright light and performs well in different situations.

The Olight Odin offers a robust charging system that helps you be on the go.

As mentioned earlier, having a long battery is essential when in survival mode situations. But, you should also note how fast you can charge your tactical flashlight.

Olight Odin Tactical Light Battery

Since the Olight Odin has a magnetic charging system, you can charge your tactical flashlight quickly.

You may even charge the Olight Odin also when mounted to your rifle to make it less hassle. Some tactical lights will require you to remove them from your firearms.

The Olight Odin can produce up to 2,000 lumens. This high lumen count means that this tactical light can create a very bright light – a feature you might want to consider in flashlights. You have two options for the brightness of the light produced by the Olight Odin.

This feature will be helpful when deciding between battery longevity and the use of extremely bright light. You can opt to use 300 lumens when clicking lightly on the flashlight’s switch. Another option would be 2,000 lumens when clicking the switch deep.

Olight Odin Security Lock

For the flashlight’s battery, it boasts a 5,000 milliamp battery that can provide you with 8 hours of use using the 300 lumens lighting option. This runtime can compete with some of the tactical flashlights in the market.

It also has an automatic heat control that lowers the lumens after 2 minutes of use down to 1000 lumens. This feature allows the tactical flashlight to protect its wiring and other internal components from getting damaged due to the heat.

If you already have rail mounts, you’re in luck because the Olight Odin is compatible with several mounts.

Depending on your preferences, you can purchase aftermarket mounts and will have a wide range of options. The Olight Odin is also compatible with Surefire Scout Mounts.

Olight Odin Tactical Flashlight Guide

The Olight Odin’s mount is highly versatile and can give you several mounting positions depending on your preference. The mount also has a quick-release button and has a lock function.

Lock functions on mounts are beneficial, especially when you are in a situation where your tactical flashlight is under heavy stress.

An example of these is when you are firing your rifle in succession for several rounds. You don’t want your tactical flashlight falling, especially when the stakes are high.

Olight Odin Pad Switch

The Olight Odin’s pressure pad switch is also magnetic and locks in solid with the flashlight. This feature will prevent disconnections and other issues that may arise from loose pressure pad switches.

The crenulated bezel on the Olight Odin provides you with a non-lethal weapon. It can be useful when you want to do some damage to an attacker.

The bezel can also be a tool for when breaking glass if you have the strength to do so. In situations where you are locked in a room, you may have to break glass to escape. If you do it with your bare hands, you will surely injure yourself and expose your body to infections.

The Olight Odin has had several firing tests, and in all these tests, it stands to be a winner.

It is also waterproof and dustproof. You do not have to worry about getting your Olight Odin wet when using it in the rain or even underwater. You can submerge the Olight Odin up to 2 meters.

The Olight Odin is also drop-resistant from 1.5 meters of a drop. Should you drop Olight Odin Light in a Rifleyour rifle and hit the ground with the tactical flashlight first, the Olight Odin will still work fine.



Overall, you need to treat yourself to an excellent tactical flashlight.

It is an important survival tool, and it can also be an EDC. Make sure you go for the one that is durable and fits all the things that you are looking for in a tactical flashlight.

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