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Carry Multiple Bug Out Loads on a Bicycle

There is no perfect load out for bugging out. The key is to have options depending on the circumstances and the situation at hand. Multiple Bug Out Load Outs leave you some options!

Multiple Bug Out Load Outs

Auto-Based Load out

This is your best Bug Out scenario (like there’s a truly good scenario for bugging out). You can leverage your Automobile EDC Kit and your Get Home Bag (these should already be in your car).

You can load up and stage large array of camping and provisions staged in plastic totes, or other durable containers. These containers should be stacked and ready to load into your car, truck, van or camper. I keep mine staged in the garage. I can back the truck (or minivan) up and get things loaded in about 15 minutes.

Things you need to ensure are in your totes (or boxes)

  • Get in or Get through Kit
  • Family load outs mentioned in Prepping When You Have Children
  • Clothing for all weather types and seasons – You can have season specific clothing and can grab only the ones for the season if time or space doesn’t permit more!
  • Sleeping bag(s) for all seasons
  • A full range of tolietries
  • A bunch of toilet paper (if you have a truck or van, why not a tote or 2 full of it)
  • Air rifles for post TEOTWAWKI food procurement or (If you have to abandon your vehicle, you should seriously considering taking one of these with you).
  • Jerry Cans or Gas Cans full of gas (treated with fuel stabilizer like PRI, awesome stuff). You will want to use caution if you are attempting to carry these full cans of fuel inside a vehicle’s cabin. We recommend putting them in the back of an open bed pickup truck!

Bug Out Bag

This should be ready to go and needs to be grabbed on the way out the door. It should go with you EVEN if you are bugging out by car initially. If your car becomes disabled, the road is blocked or you need to start bushwhacking through the country side, you’ll want to grab your fully loaded bug out bag and head out on foot.

We’ve covered Bug out bags and contents previously:

Choosing a Bug Out Backpack

Covert Prepper Backpack

Bike Bug out Kit

Should you have a stripped down load out for bugging out via bicycle? If you think it makes sense in your area, then you should have one ready to go.

There are numerous bicycle accessories and options for carrying gear on your bicycle:

If you do plan do use a bicycle as a bug out vehicle, make sure to have some tools to fix it!

Topeak Alien II 26-Function Bicycle Tool
Topeak Alien II 26-Function Bicycle Tool


This is the stuff you should have on you any time you are dressed and leaving the house. If you are home, it should be in a quickly accessible spot so you can grab it on the way out the door, in case that’s all you have time for!

EDC Survival Kit – Increasing the Odds of Survival

Bug-out Bicycles

You may also want to seriously consider employing a rugged and tough bug-out bicycle. It is useful in making a quick escape into your concealed bug-out location. Bug-out bikes captured the interest of many preppers today because of their unique advantages over plain-old walking and bug-out vehicles.

Note that in SHTF, among the usual challenges that your vehicle will most likely encounter are clogged roads and fuel shortages. The inadequate supply of spare parts designed for bug-out vehicles powered by fuel might also add to your difficulties during SHTF and other emergencies.

I’m sure that these will never be issues with your bug-out bicycle around. For one, it is less prone to having flat tires. While bicycles are still at risk of getting their tires flat, you will still realize that carrying both patch kits and spare tubes for such scenarios is easier. With a spare tube and hand pump around, returning to the road within just a few minutes is possible.

Another possible advantage is that a bug-out bicycle can access those places where other vehicles and means of transportation can’t go to. It is because it can squeeze itself even in tiny spaces, which proves how capable it is in navigating traffic jams with it. Moreover, it is a big help in cutting across the wilderness with the help of trails. Just make sure to map out the route.

I also like having a bug-out bicycle around because of its bigger capacity. This means that it is capable of carrying more items and gears. You can even expect a properly outfitted bug-out bicycle to handle around 40 to 50 lbs. of weight in pouches and bags. It also evenly and easily spreads weight off your back.

Another thing that makes a bug-out bicycle a delight to use is that it runs quietly. It is also easy to hide, letting you sneak it effortlessly in places that require you to be on stealth mode. If you are interested to make this bicycle a part of your bug-out load-out options, then these should be among your choices:

Bug-out bicycle that can help you get out of Dodge – With this well-equipped bicycle, you will have something reliable, which is pre-packed with all the things and gears you require to reach your target survival destination during those instances when your SUV, truck, or car is unavailable for use. This type of bike does not usually come in a fold-up design.

What it is, instead, is a mountain, cargo, military paratroop, or touring bike. The good thing about this choice is that you can expect it to be ready to go instantly. This makes it truly handy during emergencies.

Get Home Bike – This is something that you can use for reverse commuting. For this type, your options include the recreational, commuter, and fold-up bicycles. The goal of this bike is to remain affixed in your workplace or vehicle As the name suggests, the main goal of this bicycle is to help you go back home.

Workhorse bike – This is a big help in case you need to run errands during emergencies. For instance, in a situation when EMP (electromagnetic pulse happens), unfortunate scenarios, like economic depression, expensive gas, and malfunctioning vehicle will also most likely take place.

In such a case, you can still continue running errands with the help of your workhorse bike. It could be in the form of a cargo bike, commuter bike, or adult tricycle.

What Bug-out Bicycle Should You Choose?

Considering the numerous positive things that a bug-out bicycle can do for you during emergencies and survival situations, it is crucial to decide carefully based on a few factors and considerations. Think about the components, wheels, and frame of the bicycle. Keep in mind that these bicycles are not built equally, so consider those major components when making your choice.

Also, take note that two of the most vital factors that should contribute to your final decision are strength and weight. In that regard, remember that the wheels, frames, and other parts of the bike are constructed from various materials. Each material comes with its unique set of strength and weight properties. Study them carefully, so you can make a good choice.

Consider the speed and the level of comfort offered by the bug-out bicycle, too. Furthermore, determine if you are physically fit for cycling. Choose to have your own bug-out bike if you are. However, avoid this choice if you notice that you are not fit to ride a bicycle. Another important consideration before making your choice is whether you have your own bicycle that you can modify or you are interested in buying a brand-new one.


We can’t predict what emergencies, disasters or earth shattering events may occur. The key is to have give yourself the maximum amount options to handle circumstances and the situations at hand. Multiple Bug Out Load Outs leave you some options!



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