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MPowerd Luci Inflatable Lantern

Space is a valuable commodity, especially if you need to bug out. You need to conserve every square inch of space in your gear so you can take the supplies you need. An Inflatable lantern may provide you with extra available space.

MPowerd Luci Inflatable Lantern

Luci by MPOWERD is an easy-to-use, inflatable solar lantern and task light. Its light-weight (4 oz), maintenance-free and waterproof. It’s less than 1 inch thick when it’s deflated, so it’s packs away into a very tiny space.

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Luci has 10 LED lights. It puts out 65 Lumens, which is enough light to illuminate a 10 ft² area. This lantern needs about 8 hours in direct sunlight to give it a full charge, and once it’s fully charged it will provide light for around 12 hours.


When I first received the Luci, back in June, I thought it was cute, but I wasn’t sure how practical it would be. After the first camp out with Luci, I realized that it had some pretty sweet features!

Being a hammock camper, I love that Luci only weight 4 ounces. I can attach Luci to my backpack, with the panels facing towards the sun, providing me with a fully charged light source for my campsite. When it’s time for bed, or to read before settling in for the night, it hangs from my hammock’s ridge-line without pulling it down.


mpowed luci power outage breakers

At home I realized that it’s pretty versatile too. If the power goes out, I can use this inflatable lantern to navigate the house, light the children’s room, or the bathroom. We can use it to read or do homework. If one of the kids drop it, its no big deal, it bounces and it’s waterproof.

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I started out with 1 Luci, inflatable lantern, now I have 5 of them. 1 on my backpack, and 4 at home for power outages or emergencies.


  • Solar panel dimension 75mm x 75mm, open circuit voltage (VOC),
  • 4.3 V optimum operating current (Imp), 220 mA solar panel
  • Charging power: 0.6W voltage DC
  • LED current (max): 200mA
  • Battery: Lithium-ion polymer, 3.7V, 1000mAh
  • Storage temperature: -20C to +28C
  • Operating Temperature: -10oC to 50oC
  • Maximum short term, non-operating temperature exposure: 60C
  • Maximum inflation pressure: 0.5kPa (0.75psi)

mpowed luci kayak canoe

Since Luci is inflatable it’s ideal for those who may need to live, work or play off-grid. It is a safe, energy-saving alternative to batteries, candles and kerosene.

Luci is available from Amazon.com and other retailers.


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