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Micro Light for EDC KeyChain Carry

A flashlight should be part of everyone’s Every Day Carry kit, but many of us don’t have the space to carry more stuff. A Micro Light for EDC KeyChain Carry might be the perfect answer!

Micro Light for EDC KeyChain Carry

Many of us have been down the Micro Light or squeeze light path. They sit in your pocket and somehow manage to turn themselves or get squeezed so much that when you need the light, it’s battery is already dead.

How will we ever resolve this issue with these tiny, handy Micro Lights?

It seems that Nite Ize has come up with a solution. The Nite Ize Micro Light STS Features dual electrode capacitive sensing technology, which they call “Swipe-To-Shine”. This means that you have to swipe your finger across the capacitive sensor on the Micro light to turn it on or off, or to activate it’s 4 Functions – High Power, Variable Dim, Low Power & Strobe.

4 Functions

  1. High Power – 16 Lumens
  2. Variable Dim
  3. Low Power – 2 Lumens
  4. Strobe – you may think that 16 Lumens may not strobe well, but in total darkness it was very impressive, visible and rather disorienting.

Another great feature that Nite Ize has included is they included one of their Nite-Ize carabiners attached to the end of the light for easy attachment to your key ring, backpack or almost anything you can imagine.

I’ve been carrying this for about 2 weeks now, as has my wife, and neither of us has pulled it out of our pockets, or purses to find it on. That’s a huge improvement over the other micro lights I have used in the past. I think I finally found my Micro Light for EDC KeyChain Carry!



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