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Make your yard a Prepper’s Yard

I see all my neighbors doing their best to kill the weeds in their yard, so they’ll have plain old grass. I’m doing just the opposite, I’m encouraging some weed-ish plants to grown in my yard. I am creating a prepper’s yard.

Make your yard a Prepper’s Yard

I appreciate a lush green lawn as well as the next person. If the SHTF thought, I can’t imagine what good a bunch of grass is going to do me.

I’ve opted to take a different approach. I like to encourage beneficial plants to grow in my yard. I toss plantain and purslane seeds around my yard. I encourage dandelions to grow. I plant strawberries in my back yard, in random spots and allow them to grow as they will. I allow clover to grow rampant across my yard.

The best part is, as long as I mow it regularly, it looks just fine.

What are the benefits to this type of yard?

I have a yard peppered with wild edibles and medicinal plants. Wild animals, like herds of deer, come to graze in my yard.

deer scat
Here thar be deer!


I don’t imagine that my yard will have enough weeds to feed my family, but I can’t see putting herbicides on my lawn to kill off the good stuff. The added bonus of deer wandering into my yard, will also be a benefit that I fully intend to take advantage of.

A yard chock full of wild edibles and medicinal plants, makes it a lot less work to maintain a prepper’s yard than it does to keep my lawn looking like a golf course.


  1. We have a Prepper’s Yard! We have dandelions, henbit, cats ear, chickweed, lamb quarter, wild lettuce, purslane, wild onion, plaintain, lemon bee balm, thistle, nettles, brambles, dwarf yaupon, and blackberries. None of which were planted, just encouraged. We’ve used in salads, stir-fry dishes, tea, and for medicinal purposes.

  2. me too!! dandys, chickweed,clover catnip, plantain 2 kinds, lambs quarters,purslane, chicory, nettles, elderberry, birch,wild grapes, mulberry, milkweed, queen annes lace for jelly, and….hemlock …not for eatin…. very happy with my natural stuff!! learned alot in past yr…

  3. I’ve done a complete 180 degree turn about my lawn. Like Mike the Gardener said I’ve reconsidered. This coming spring no more chemicals or fertilizer. Less mowing and more harvesting of the tasty plants on my property. I’m sure that the neighbors will think i’m deranged ( except for those who are 60 years plus).

    I recall many years ago that a family next door would send their kids out to harvest dandelions. At that time my parents told me that the family was poor and had to supplement what little food they had ( which was true ). My parents had no idea of how delicious and nutrient rich that greens are that grow in our lawns. All our food was frozen or from a can.

    Also, please consider this: I’m a big believer in maintaining a ‘ grey man ‘ type of perspective. A overgrown lawn and garden going to seed is going to be completely overlooked by the LOFO’s when the STHF.

    I’m 8 miles from a major Ohio town so I don’t expect the Zombies to get this far in good physical shape. However, my neighbors and some of the sketchy element know that I prep. I will feed my immediate and proximate neighbors if I can because they will be the first line of my defense. Knowledge is power.

    Eating and storing fresh greens from the lawn will go along way in supporting my preps.

    BTW, can anyone recommend a book, video or kindle that will help me to identify edible plants in Northern Ohio?


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