Learn to Fight


  If you want to survive and thrive, invest some time in yourself, and learn to fight!

Learn to Fight

I am a peaceful man. Violence is a last resort for me, but if it comes down to defending my wife, children or myself, I will unleash a fury, unlike anything they’ve ever seen!

 Why should you learn to fight?

Learning to fight or training in a fighting art has many benefits


  • Exercise
  • Strength
  • Self Confidence
  • Harmony of mind, body and spirit
  • understanding of human movement and interaction
  • Self Defense

Join a School or Gym

Joining an official school or gym that provides professional instruction is probably your best bet.

  • You learn from a someone who is has advances to a high position  in their fighting style
  • They know the proper warm up and cool downs to prevent injury and to get you loosened up and ready for class
  • They know the techniques that work
  • There is a documented advancement system (belt testing, etc)
  • They know what to do, if there’s an injury in class

Where can you learn to fight or train in fighting arts?

  • Community centersmar
  • Gyms
  • Martial Art Schools
  • Churches
  • Back yards and basements

Joining a class can be a rewarding experience. You can make lifelong friends and contacts.

Shop around for classes in your area, you’ll be surprised how the prices and training can vary across a wide range. Some memberships will even include access to the gyms or other classes offered at the same location.

Alternatives to a School or Gym

If you can’t afford to join a gym or class, find a buddy and start sparring in your back yard. You can have your own personal “Fight Club”, but remember to take it easy. Sparring should start off slow and deliberate. Get used to how people move, counter and attack. Once you start to see the pattern to how people move and react, your body should start working around those responses! Remember to wear protective gear, if possible, and be aware that injuries can and will occur. You should probably have anyone involved sign a waiver.

Am I condoning people fighting in their yards? No, but I am encouraging people to wrestle, box and have some fun, while learning a few things. Backyard boxing can never replace the professional mentoring and training provided by a school or gym, but it can be good exercise and you might learn a thing or two to help you out.

Learning to fight takes you out of the victim loop. If you do get jumped or assaulted you aren’t truly a victim at that point. You might have lost a fight, but you aren’t a victim.

Never give anyone anything that they haven’t earned, even if they had to pay for it with sweat and bruises! If you would like to learn more about how to fight for self defense purposes, see our comprehensive post on the best martial arts for self defense.



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