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Knife Safety

A knife is a key tool for ensuring your safety and in survival situations. It is critical that you understand and practice knife safety. 

Knife Safety

The two most dangerous parts to the knife are the pointy part and the sharp edge.

Always keep the blade edge and point of your knife pointed in a safe direction, ensuring that there is no one in close proximity to the location where you plan to use it.

Always keep your knife sharp: a properly sharpened knife functions better than a dull knife, in addition to being safer to use.

Always cut away from your body, or away from the body of any other person around which the knife is being applied. During some tasks you will be tempted to ignore this basic rule, but do not give in to temptation. If you accidentally give yourself a laceration or a puncture wound, you may be opening yourself to life threatening injuries and infection, especially in a survival situation.

When cutting materials along there length, like shaving wood to a point, brace the knife then pull the wood across the knife, instead of pushing the blade along the material. This will give you better control and keep the sharp knife stationary.

Always keep knife sheathed when not in use. Never leave the naked blade laying on the ground.  This will ensure a long life for your knife and protect yourself and others around you from accidental injuries.

It is also important to let others around you know when your knife is out of its sheath. Verbally inform those around you and make sure they acknowledge your notification. This lets everybody know that a knife is being wielded and caution should be used. You don’t want someone walking into you or distracting you while you are using your knife. This may seem overly cautious, but safety should be your primary concern.

If you follow these simple knife safety recommendations, you will drastically decrease your chances of a knife related injury.


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