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Humans as Predators after SHTF

Once things start to go south, I can see the human predators mirroring the tactics of predatory beasts. After all the easy pickings are gone, they will begin to utilize the same base instincts, just like real animals.

Humans as Predators after SHTF

Predators in nature will stake out water holes and wait for prey. Human Predators will do the same. They will follow water ways looking for small groups of people and families camped out within 100-200 meters of that vital resource.

You will want to camp at least 2-3 klicks (kilometers) from water to maximize your safety.

Natural predators will stake out game trails waiting for prey to move along them. Human Predators will also be along normal travel routes. They’ll block roadways and narrow areas to funnel their human prey into death traps. If you must use automobiles, you will want a scout team, on foot, checking the roadway well ahead of your convoy.

You’ll want to leverage some method of communications, from your scout teams, but you’ll be safer to assume the worst and assume that all GMRS, FRS, MURS and CB Channels are being monitored by the bad guys. If you need to use radios (which you will) keep the transmissions short, never transmit from your camp, go well away from your group and planned route to transmit, and use codes only known within your group. Do NOT use any codes you learned from the internet, because those will be the same ones, that the bad guys listen for.

Do not take chances, do not take risks. You won’t get a second chance. There are entire groups of sick twisted evil people who will want the stuff you vigilantly worked to prepare, and to harm you and to do foul despicable things to you, your women and children. Do not give them the chance, do not give them mercy.



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