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HOMAK Wall Safe

Sometimes you really need to secure something, in a way that is also hidden. The Homak wall safe is a economic way to provide that security.

HOMAK Wall Safe

I am constantly asked how to hide and secure valuables and small firearms.

There are tons of great wall safes on the market, but the best bang for your buck is probably the HOMAK Wall Safes. They are a great price, and can be easily recessed into the wall cavity between the studs.

Plus everyone wants a really cool, secret wall safe, hidden behind a picture, poster or mirror!

The Homak Safe, really can’t be called a “safe”, but it is a decent quality stealth lock-box. It will keep out kids and lazy intruders. The hinges are external, so a hammer and chisel will open it, but only if they know of it’s existence. A strategically placed picture, mirror or poster will camouflage it quite nicely.

This “safe” also has no electronics and requires no batteries or electricity to operate, so as long as you have the key, this safe will open for you. No more worries about dead batteries or power outages entombing your valuables!


Most of my friends are tool challenged, so I’ve had to “help” install a couple of these things. Here is how easy it is to install one.

  1. First you’ll need to locate the wall studs in the area you are interested, you can use a stud-finder or just go hog wild with a hammer and start pounding holes into the wall. Hey, whatever works for you.
  2. Once you’ve located the studs, trace around the portion of the “safe” that will go into the wall. It should be between the studs you located.
  3. Once you have your hole, put the Homak in and ensure it fits properly, then remove it. The recessed portion of these are only 13 inches wide so you’ll need to nail a 2×4 to the both wall studs on either side of the box.
  4. Now refit the wall safe back into the hole. If it fits then you can proceed with bolting it into the studs then the face screws can be put into place.
  5. Then just hang your desired camouflage over it and you are all set. (Look at you, you handy devil)

You now have a great spot to stow your precious metals, money, jewels, personal papers (passport) or even a pistol.

Remember, the key to this wall mounted “safe” is the fact that it is hidden, not that it is impenetrable. Do not show your friends or neighbors (especially that sketchy one, you know who I mean, the one your wife already warned you about) and do not walk outside and scream “I just installed a hidden wall safe!”. These things will negate any security you just gained.


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