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Going Commando, and Packing Extra Socks

Moisture can wreak havoc on your body. There are a couple ways to avoid dampness related maladies, by Going Commando, and Packing Extra Socks!

Going Commando, and Packing Extra Socks

It is important to keep your body dry. You want to avoid having any moisture near your skin for any length of time. You can avoid this by wearing less clothing in some regions and rotating into dry clothing for other regions.

Skip the underwear and use that extra space for more socks in your bug out bag, get home bag, or backpack!

Go Commando

We can not verify that commandos forgo underpants when they are operating in the field, but the practice is by no means limited to just soldiers and special forces. With limited backpack space and minimal opportunities to bathe or change clothes, some people have decided that clean underwear might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Going underpants-free may increase ventilation and reduce moisture in a soldier’s uniform, which in turn minimizes the chances of getting a rash or crotch rot, aka Tinea cruris, a fungal infection of the groin.

Whether or not they wear underpants, many of the soldiers use Gold Bond Medicated Powder as a preventive to avoid ailments of their nether regions

A number of advisories on military safety offer tips that imply that the military leaders do support the practice.

Web sites for the armed forces’ safety programs warn that tight-fitting uniforms reduce cooling air flow around the body, and the United States Marine Corps Field Medical Training Manual (FMST 1403) specifies that heat-related injuries can be avoided by wearing the “the least allowable amount of clothing.”

Armored vehicle personnel and pilots and are briefed during their training to never to wear underpants made from synthetic fibers, like polypropylene. The Army Ground Risk-Management Information magazine, Countermeasure (January 2004 issue, page 12 available from U.S. Army Safety Center) explains that the flame-retardant Nomex suits that these personnel wear, use can transmit enough heat to melt any briefs that aren’t 100% cotton.

Extra Socks

It is essential to keep your feet dry and healthy. Moist or wet feet can lead to excessive foot injuries like blisters, or worse, Trench foot.

Trench Foot is caused by prolonged exposure to damp, cold, unsanitary conditions.  The foot become numbs, changes color, swells and starts to smell due to damage to the skin, blood vessels and nerves in the feet.

It can take up to six months to recover from Trench Foot and immediate treatment is important to avoid infection that can cause gangrene and the need for foot amputation.

Change your socks whenever they become sweaty, damp or wet. Hang your wet socks out to dry on a line, a tree branch, on hanging from your pack or around your neck while you walk or hike.

 Use all that extra space, that you saved, by not packing underpants, to carry lots of extra socks!

As you can see moisture, dampness or wet conditions can cause serious health concerns. mitigate these concerns by going Commando, while packing some extra socks!


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