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10 Best Military CBRN Gas Masks Civilians Can Buy Today

The world we live in is very uncertain. The said statement was made true during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though we might not...

10 Best Hearing Protection for Shooting: Don’t be Deaf at 70!

Vision and hearing protection is important when handling a firearm. Small particle discharges, residues and loud noises coming from a fired gun can instantly cause permanent hearing loss and damage to...
How to Make Flying With A Firearm Easy

How to Make Flying With A Firearm Easy: The Important Details

A lot of people are afraid of bringing their firearms when they fly, and that's not surprising. The regulations are confusing and overwhelming, particularly for those new to traveling with weapons.

SG Home IR Indoor/Outdoor Solar Security Camera Kit: Is It Worth It?

Security cameras are considered must-have items these days. With over 1.4 million burglaries reported in 2017, it's hard not to feel scared in your own home. You need them to help...

Jackery Solar Generator 1500: Honest Hands-On Review

The Jackery Solar Generator 1500 is a pretty decent unit. With a good-sized battery that can charge up quickly, it can power up anything that requires 120v power.

Best 2022 Plate Carriers: Ease-of-Use, Durability & Comfort

With so many things going on these days, it's not surprising to find lots of people taking home and family security more seriously. And if you're one of those people, you've...

Tactical Firearm Training Locator: Find Reputable Instructors Near You

Welcome to our tactical firearm training locator. Search our a list of reputable firearm training facilities in cities near you with populations of 150,000 and up.

Types of Axes: An In-Depth Guide for Survivalists & Woodsmen

Axes have a really long history. Back then, they were mainly used as a weapon and hunting tool. These days, axes are widely used for professional carpentry...

Best Tactical Boots for Optimum Mobility & Protection During Emergencies

Choosing the best tactical boots on the market can be tedious. With an overwhelming selection to choose from, we'll show you how to cut to the chase and find the boot for you.   Finding the...

How to Find the Best Online Ammo Prices During a Shortage

Is it legal to buy ammunition online? What about local laws? What is the best or cheapest store to purchase ammo? This comprehensive guide discusses everything you need to know about buying ammo online....