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Fresnel Lens – Fire Starting Secret Weapon

Starting fires is an important preparedness skill, but there is no way that everyone can get a fire going by rubbing sticks together. It might be simpler to use magnifying glass or a Fresnel Lens and get that fire going in no time.

Fresnel Lens – Fire Starting Secret Weapon

Fire is a must have in the great outdoors. If you want to cook, boil water or scare away boogey men, you need fire.

We all need a backup for our bic lighters, that we can use to start fires, but a magnifying glass seemed to fragile or too bulky to have in my pocket every day. If only there was something that would fit our purses or wallets.

This is where the Fresnel Lens come in to play!Fresnel Lense Fire Starting Secret Weapon

“What is a Fresnel Lens?” you ask.

Time to bring out the science: A Fresnel Lens can be regarded as an array of prisms arranged in a circular fashion, with steeper prisms on the edges, and a flat or slightly convex center (Source: Wikipedia).

You can operate the Fresnel Lens to focus the sun, into a narrow pinpoint of sheer heat and start a fire.  Ask any kid, who ever focused the sun through a magnifying glass, how much heat this can generate!

These also make great magnifiers for examining small items or reading fine print. You can also use to to inspect plants and insects in the wild. The Fresnel Lens is a true multi-use item, which makes it perfect your EDC carry.

The Fresnel Lenses are skinny, and about the same size as a credit card. This means that they will fit in your purse, wallet, laptop case, bug out bag and your car’s glove compartment. You need to get one and stick it in that wallet right now, so if you end up trapped someplace you’ll at least have fire! Much simpler than rubbing wood together.

Know what is best about them? You can get a 10 pack of Fresnel Lenses with protective sleeves, pretty inexpensively. Now you can can keep a credit card sized Fresnel Lens, for fire starting, with your EDC gear and in any other kits you may have.


  1. Large Fresnel lenses are free in any rear projection TV. Every RPTV has one the size of the screen. Do a you tube search. Not terribly portable, but quite handy for cooking without power. Be careful!! Treat it like a cutting torch. I hear the ones from older RPTVs work best

    Do a YT search for solar ovens/cookers and rocket stoves. Lots of ideas out there.


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