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Do You Follow the Herd?

Do you find yourself standing in a long line, just because everyone else is? Do you find yourself following a slow line of cars, for no good reason? If you do, you may be the victim of a very predictable and instinctual behavior. Do you follow the herd?

Do You Follow the Herd

Its hard to break out of the normal, and try something different.

Today I’m going to challenge you.

Following the Herd is instinct. It’s also reinforced by learned behavior. You don’t want to appear different or challenge your peers. If everyone else is standing in line, then they know what they’re doing and you should follow their lead.



I can’t tell you how many times I walk past a super long line, at the airport, or at a store and find an empty line, where I can breeze right through.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed a long group of cars to find that one car in the front was going slow because it had problems, and someone they knew, was in car behind them tailing them to safety; yet everyone fell in behind them.

When we had natural predators, the herd was safety.  When men lead other men, against you, the herd can be a dangerous thing.

If a force, whether it be government, foreign troops, militarized jackboot private armies, or zombie robots from hell, you need to move in a planned path away from the herd. The herd can be predicted, very accurately and funneled into traps or entanglements.

Break out of the Herd

Today I challenge you to not follow the herd. Make it a practice. Make it a mantra. “Do Not follow the herd”.

So what, if you pass a long line, then have to come back and get in it? Now you know that it’s the only line. At least, you know that is your only choice.

Pass that line of cars, so what if you miss your exit. Better to strike ahead and make a mistake, than to sit in traffic, and take an extra hour, just because you were afraid to be different.

Once you begin to move on your own, you will quickly start to see how the herd works, and why it’s a weakness. They travel together, they stand in line together, they watch the same shows, they wear the same clothes, they buy the same items…all because the Herd does it.

Once you see how they move and act, you’ll see how predictable they are. Then you’ll start to understand how military planners and refugee drift analysts do their thing.

If given a choice between catching 100’s of people or a group of 5, which one do you think the enemy will go after?

I for one do not follow the herd. If it goes down, in my neighborhood, and the herd panics and bolts, I have a mapped out plan how I will respond, and it won’t be like the panicked sheep in my area. If my plan fails, and I must improvise, I will not run with that herd, I’ll fake it and do my own thing.

Do You Follow the Herd? For your sake, I hope you learn not to!


  1. the herd mentality is a big one! When I worked in the restaurant business, the employees would park in the back of the store. Unless, the restaurant wasn’t busy…then we would have to move our cars to the front, because “nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd” worked every time!

  2. I was on my way up north for a weekend pulling an old trailer. I came to a large city and the traffic was backing up and the DOT signs said “Accident ahead in left lane at 6th avenue, move to right lane.” I didn’t, I stayed in the left lane. Other drivers were pissed! Several cars swerved in front of me trying to slow or stop me, I didn’t. I blew by everyone, got to 6 avenue, and guess what? There was no accident. If there had been it had already been cleared. I saved myself at least 1 hour in traffic!


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